Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey harvest continues

We are at the start of the last week of turkey harvest! 3 more days to thanksgiving. Today and tomorrow are filled with processing the birds to be delivered fresh while packaging the brined birds for pickup.

The weather looks a tad challenging.... wet and cold with blowing winds... not exactly our preference! Hopefully we can get most of this done before the weather turns too bad each day. If not... well... we will just get  cold and wet.

Its all worth it... in the end being able to deliver these marvellous heritage free range birds is so rewarding. This week has been almost a year in the making and first ally we get to hand over the results to our customers. It feels good to complete such a long term project.

Oddly... in the grocery store recently I noticed the selection of turkeys available.  There were free range birds, organic birds, and heritage free range birds.  None were soy free and none were all of the above. Yet... the heritage free range birds were priced above what we are selling turkeys for.  I strongly suspect through what research I could do... there this definition of free range is quite different from little sprouts. When we say free range we mean free on open pastures. Our birds have acres of room to roam and hunt for forage. Most large scale turkey farms provide only feet per bird... where we give hundreds of feet per bird. We believe that birds are not intended to live in cages. Birds are the most inherently free creatures in nature given their ability to fly and soar above us all. To honor this.. we go to great lengths to provide our birds space and open range. We feel it is vitally important to their development and health... as well as the quality of the resulting meat.

So... watch for phrases like "pastured" or "free range" and ask the question... just what does that mean to this producer? These terms are not regulated in any way... so you really do need to know your farmer.

Here we go... the scalder is heating up and within a few hours we will be back at it!

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