Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chicken eggs going down, duck eggs up

For the last year or so we have has ample chicken eggs for all the orders and enough leftover to do creative things like pickled eggs. Duck eggs have been in short supply and constantly sold out. Well... we have reached a point where this has switched. As of this week we may sell out of chicken eggs early and substitute with duck eggs.

Part of the reason is increased demand. In winter many small backyard flocks quit laying, creating higher demand for eggs. At the same time our base customer list has grown about 6x from where we were last year this time. So demand is up.

Supply is also down on chicken eggs. Our initial flock is getting older and slowing down the laying, even shrinking a bit. We added the sussox flock but it was only half the size we wanted due to a string of bad events. Top this off with our getting behind on lighting the coops due to other demands on our time.... and we have a decreased supply.

Ducks on the other hand are doing great. We are getting almost a full supply of eggs now each day from the khaki campbells.  They don't seem affected yet by the short daysx and hopefully won't be.

So.. there is a chance that we may sell out of chicken eggs this week and offer duck eggs instead. If so.. we try to fill orders ollgiving priority to those with standing orders first, then first orders first. We will know tomorrow where we stand when the final egg collecting happans.

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