Thursday, November 1, 2012

Busy days... little posting

I apologize to you for a lack of postings recently. It is not for lack of activity! We are actually busier than ever, in fact too busy to post about it!

With the season change comes a lot of winter preparations .. and with close to 1000 birds now this is a lot of preparations! In addition we are changing our hog breeds, launching into the largest turkey harvest we have ever done, expanded our goat dairy to 3x what is was last year, replanted all the pastures, worked on the duck habitat, building an online store, investigating a new piece of property and .. oh yea.. sleep occasionally!  The customer base has grown 6x over the last 10 months since we introduced home deliveries, which has its own world of challenges.

Dont get me wrong.. these are all good problems to have, but they are still problems that take time to deal with. 

So, hang in there.. as things slow down a bit for the winter we will be more active here in publishing our story. 

The most important change coming in the very near future is the announcement of the farm Private Member Association.  This is BIG.. really BIG... and will benefit both you and us.  More details to come... stay tuned!

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