Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wild harvest texas grape pies!

Just in time for your 4th of july bbq!

We have a batch of wild harvested texas grape pies! Not green grape, but ripe! These pies are bursting with simple goodness, in our own recipe of quality ingredients. They are tart, slightly sweet, and oh so good!

The entire grape is in there... Skins, pulp, juice, even seeds, all ground to a soft filling

much like berry pies. All the health benefit of grape seed in a yummy treat!

We love these pies topped with real organic whipped cream or cream cheese. Maybe a side of organic high fat ice cream!

The fun part is.... Every pie us hand made and unique! The top crust is an individual work of art. Pick out your favorite!

To get a pie while they last, call or email for delivery today, or come by pleasant grove baptist church in rosebud tx to choice yours! Price is 12$ with a commercial, or 15$ with a hand made crust from scratch.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Weeee'ere bbbaaaaaaaccccckkkkk

We are back!!!!!!

Little sprouts farm is officially back in business ! Our sign is out, you are welcome to come visit!

The removal of the sprouts sign was perhaps the saddest moment of this move. 10 years of years and joy was represented in that sign, and taking it down was truly the end of an era.

But we are back!

The new era is beginning! The sign is up just in time for our first family farm day.

We leave the next chapter of this saga in our Creator's hands, and ask Him that we be granted to opportunity to serve the Central Texas community even more fully than the southern Oregon community where we started.

Here we go!

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Progress Thursday!

Time is getting close! Just one more day to the big event!

Here is an update of what we accomplished up to now:

The shooting range is set up! Cans filled with water (for the fun explosive effect) at three different ranges. The gun selection is a light bb rifle, a medium bb rifle and a high powered pellet rifle, plus a semiautomatic CO2 powered sig pellet pistol.

The completed activity area! Lots to keep the kids busy during or between talks!

The petting / feeding zoo is finished. Nestled among the trees for shade, there are 3 pens with a "picture" area. We plan to have lambs, baby goats, ducks, chickens, and a baby pig. 
Friday will be spent putting together the meeting area for the talks, the main event itself. We have facilities donated by the local church to support our mission! There will be real chairs in the shade, tables for the picnic lunch, and activity areas for more projects.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Today's progress towards the family farm day this saturday

Today was a very busy day.. the heat and humidity is certainly hefty, but we managed to get a lot done!

Levi learned to make balloon animals! When you very Saturday, he would love to make you a few!

Hunter built most of the petting zoo area. We just need to add some interior partitions to keep animals separate and it's ready!

The goat here finished clearing the meeting spot... In 3 days the ate everything to the ground, clearing away thorns Vines and limbs. Now just a little cutting and it's ready.

I made a simple map of the farm, so that you can find your way around.

We also finished the treasure hunt! Here is the "map" that will lead you to the hidden treasure!

And last but not by any means least... Kaelyn set up the trailer ride, using sturdy plastic buckets on our flatbed. This will be the means to do the farm tour and talk.

Still lots to do... But progress everyday. Looking forward to meeting you this Saturday, June 2!

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Progress for the family farm day!

Memorial day for us was quite the work day! Lots to do in the remaining 4 days. But we managed to knock out a lot of the Todo list today. Here's a bit of a preview of what has been accomplished.

We worked mostly on the fun activities today. The family fun day is intended to be just that.. fun. Lots to keep busy on between the talks and presentations.

Levi created a ring toss area

Katelyn created a bean bag toss

Then we have the mountain and moat

"The web"

The balance beam with teeter totter

And of course a tire race for teams

In the background, we started cleaning off the flatbed for the trailer rides, and cleared away all the "stuff" that was collecting out front. Hunter managed to move the goats, who are anxiously clearing the ground where the picnic and meeting area will be.

All in all a productive day, in addition to the regular farm chores. And at sundown, the little sprouts all had great fun trying out the new obstacle course and games!

More to come tomorrow!

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Friday, May 18, 2018

New pig fencing

One of the most challenging aspects of standing up or new farm here in Texas, has been fencing. Back in Oregon we relief heavily on electric fencing to contain everyone in their space. We even developed a new setup for electric pig and sheep fencing that worked quite well... There. Here in Texas, not so much.

The problem we face here is sand. Lots of sand. Dry sand is not a good enough conductor of electricity to work. The pigs have figured that out!

The first couple months, all was ok. Well.. with the pigs. But lately they realized that the electric wires that scare them so much don't actually hurt that bad. In fact, freedom is with the light pain to get there.

As a last straw, this resulted in almost losing our entire potato crop! We ran town on a few errands and when we came back, discovered that the pigs had escaped! Apparently they hung out in the back garden and snack on a few new potatoes! When we find them, pretty much every plant was pulled out, and the roots scavaged for small tender potatoes. We scrambled to get the plants back in the ground and water heavily, but still we lost maybe half.

We have tried most everything on pig fencing. From 3 to 5 stands, from rope to plain wire, replaced the charger battery, added hot and ground alternating, etc. Even tried using hard panels and they still busted out. So. . Time for a new idea.

Here it is

This is a new type of electrical fence setup. Electric panels. Each panel is built as a self contained unit 16 feet long. It has 7 wires alternating hour and ground. Wires are about 2 inches apart. Post are step in.

Being separate panels means they are ready to stand up, pull down, and move. Much like a netting fence, but only 16ft long.

More to come in this fencing type. For now, waiting to see how well it works.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Do You Guys Give Medical Advice?

An unequivocal and resounding NOOOOO! We do NOT give medical advice in any shape or form.

What we do, in addition to producing good healthy food that people need to find true health, what we do is share our own experience. What worked for us.

In our history, we have faced a large number of health problems. a LARGE number! It seemed like a constant stream of problems, some irritating, some life threatening. It seemed that the more we relied on conventional wisdom and treatments, the worse things got. Finally, through divine inspiration, we realized two things:

Man was designed to be healthy, and live a long productive life.
Covering Symptoms is NOT treating the problem.

Out of those, we started seeking our own path. Through nutrition, herbs, and natural treatments we found  actual remedies that resolved the root problems and brought a relief from symptoms without covering them up. The symptoms stop when you treat the underlying condition instead of the symptom.

So, bottom line, If you suffer from a health problem.... it is very likely that we have faced the same thing or similar, and we are open to sharing how we treated it. What you do with that information is totally up to you. We encourage you to research, pray, and think through your own life situation to arrive at a best path. All we can do is say what worked for us.

That said.. we have sorted through a LOT of treatments, remedies, herbs, foods, etc. We have spent over a decade seeking "what works" in the real world. THAT is int information we offer... what we learned about our own life. What worked for us.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Who's side are you on?

Life is a battle.

That is true in many ways, and one important aspect is... The battle to stay healthy. Yes, a battle. There are enemy forces all around us ever day, just waiting for an opportunity to strike. The job of our immune system is simple but complex... Detect, deter, defend.

But... Battles are painful. It requires work and suffering. It requires action, effort, and often wounds. The battle for our health is no different. Yet... Who's side are you on?

Today we seem to be so focused on comfort at all costs, that we forget the battle itself. We confuse the battle itself with the enemy. We so do not want to endure the battle that often we hinder our own armies from succeeding.

For instance...

We get a fever, and reach immediately for a fever reducer. But wait... The fever is not the enemy, the fever is a tool that our own immune system uses to fight the enemy. Fevers both activates the immune system and hinders the Invaders. It's a wonderful tool, but it hurts. So... We choose to kill the fever with artificial means. Where is the wisdom in that? The enemy is the invader that the fever is fighting, and we attack the fever?

Inflammation.. bad right? Well... Not so fast! Inflammation is a tool of the immune system. Inflamed tissues have increased blood flow, which supports our own fighting of some invader. It is a natural, good, healthy response... If it is temporary! Constant inflammation is a sign of either an immune system gone ary or a constant need for repair of tissues. The question is... What is causing the inflammation, that is the enemy! The inflammation itself is our response... it is the good guys fighting.

Pick most any health condition and ask the question, what is causing the symptom? Is there an enemy hiding behind that symptom that the immune system is addressing with the symptom? If so... Fighting the symptom is fighting on the wrong side!

What to do? Ask questions. Dig. Explore. Find out why something is happening and make sure the root cause is being addressed. Be sure your treatment is fighting the enemy itself, not just the symptoms of the battle.

When we learned this valuable truth, life became much easier. Instead of living on pharmaceuticals to hide symptoms of the battle, we learned how to address the Root cause and the battles subside! For good! So many conditions that we thought were"normal" or a part of "aging" actually disappeared while we were solving other Root problems. That's because a single room cause can often trigger multiple seemingly unrelated symptoms. Address the root, and all calms. Health.

True health is the lack of the need for constant healthcare.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

The immune system is like everything else...

Most people would agree with this quote.. Strength does come through the struggle, work and effort makes one strong, overcoming challenges builds up, Adversity produces success.  So many ways to say it, but all the same. Yet there is an irony... When it comes to our own immune system, we go exactly the opposite direction! We tend to embrace weakness!

It's true, hear me out!

Every part of our bodies must be used to remain healthy, must be exercised to become strong. That includes.. the immune system. If it is not exercised, utilized, trained.. it remains weak and ineffective. Why would we expect anything else?

What am I referring to? The american notion of "health care".

We get a fever.. oh no! bring it down with pharmaceuticals!

We feel a cold coming on... on no! Get an antiobiotic from the doctor!

We get our hands dirty... on no! Grab the antibacterial soap!

It seems that every thing we do is to eliminate the need for our bodies to fight it. We eliminate the struggle from our immune system. but then, how will it ever strengthen? How can we strengthen a muscle without challenging it?

But the reality is even worse... everything we do IS in fact training our immune system. It is learning, adapting, to the environment and challenges we face. It's not just the type of bacteria or virus, but the intensity, exposure method, and even the battle itself.

For instance.. consider this...

Every time we get an infection, we reach for an antibiotic. What is that doing to the immune system? Lay aside for moment the direct damage caused in the digestive track. Yes, I know.. that damage is significant and real, and sometimes barely recoverable, sometimes fatal. But for the sake of this concept of training, lay the direct damage aside. Consider how we have TRAINED our own immune system!

The bacteria invades.
The immune system identifies the intruder and mounts a defense based on best knowledge of the past.
Inflammation, fever, swelling, all the symptoms of the battle are produced becasue our system is beginning to fight
We take an antibiotic.
Bacteria die off, not because of the immune system's actions, but becasue of the chemicals.
but how does the immune system know?
IT doesn't!
The immune system thinks that what it did totally killed off the intruder.
We just trained our immune system to fight poorly, to assume success with flawed methods
Next time we get an infection, it will try to do what worked last time...
and over and over.

So think about a person after a lifetime of taking medicines to cure minor infections. How will their immune system ever learn? The answer is, sadly, it DID learn... it learned to do the wrong thing and expect the invader to just die off.  In other words, the person has become totally dependent on the antibiotic! Without it, their immune system is powerless, weak, and wrong. 

Don't believe me?  Consider this.. Do you use vaccines? IF so (we should talk!) but you used the vaccine to train the immune system to battle the real thing. All vaccines are based on this premise, that the immune system is trained, adapts to what it encounters that works. In fact, they purposefully put toxins into the vaccine specifically to increase the level of reaction of the immune system. They need a severe reaction to teach it to fight hard. Without that, the vaccine is ineffective.

So think it through... relying on external resources to kill an infection is actually training the immune system to fail to kill the infection! And every time we do this, it gets worse! The faulty memory, improper training, gets stronger and harder to unlearn. Wonder why elderly today tend to be weaker, more susceptible to disease?

We personally experienced this. For years we "did the right thing" Every runny nose, every ear infection, every cold, every scratch, everything got an antibiotic or antiseptic. And our family got sicker and sicker. the frequency increased, the intensity increased. Once we caught the flu.. it was absolutely devastating! 3 weeks of pure misery. Until we started to actually train our immune system to fight, to succeed on its own. We used herbal assistance, but nothing stronger unless it is life threatening. And now, only a few years later... we rarely get sick, and when we do, rarely does everyone (a big deal in a family of 9!) and both intensity and duration is lighter.

Sure, we did a LOT of stuff to increase health, but it all adds together and builds up. Understanding that the immune system MUST be exercised and not fooled, is a major key to achieving true health.  Are we "anti antibiotics"? OF COURSE NOT... we recognize the need for proper judicial use. When something is needed, it is needed. But using an antibiotic when unnecessary, when not life threatening, can be devastating.

Suffering is not fun. No one like to feel sick. But just as the pain of exercise, or working out to produce a desired goal, going naturally through a sickness is a necessary part of proper immune system training.

True health means freedom from need for healthcare.
Freedom from need for healthcare comes from a strong immune system.
 - therefore -
Fooling the immune system, or constantly being easy on it,
creates a higher need for health care.

Meet us in person and enjoy a 20% discount

We are looking forward to meeting you! We will be at in Bryan, tx off and on over the next two weeks talking to people, and offering a discount on advance ticket purchases to the Farm day event.

Have any questions? Bring them! Check us out! We are just normal people like you, with a story to share. We suffer, struggle, and sometimes triumph sometimes fail. We are human. But through our walk we have learned a few things that worked and brought us to a new level of health never before imagined! We had just accepted the usual signs of ageing as a necessary party of growing older. But then we learned that health is truly attainable at any age! It's not normal to need health Care!

True health is freedom from health Care!

We will be at Brazos Natural Foods in Bryan, tx ready to meet, chat, and offer a full 20% discount on tickets to the Family Fun and Learning Farm Day Event.

Call the farm or the store to find out when we will be there!
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First Family Farm Day! - Come see how we found true health and enjoy the farm!

It's HERE! June 2! Come to the Farm!

We are hosting our first ever Family Farm Day for Fun and Learning!

This will be a day filled with alternating fun events and talks sharing how we found true health!

Check out the attached flyer, and get your tickets early for the 20% off discount!

Advance Tickets can be purchased at 20% off here:

Saturday, March 24, 2018

First fermenting class was a success!

Very happy to relay that our first Texas fermenting class was an astounding success! The crowd was smallish, which is good. But everything went off without a hitch. Here are some of the results:

This was a sample of jalapeno fermento carrots with dill. Yum!

We will be repeating the class in a week or two after Easter, and maybe even setting up a monthly fermenting club to share recipes and try new things.


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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tools set up finally

Where there is a will, there is a way!

No shelf units, no workshop, no storage at all... Nothing but a pile of random boxes from the move... Until today!

The old bug barn bug bins turned out to be a perfect tool organizer! It when rolls on 4 wheels for easy accessibility. In fact, all the tools we have left actually fit right in the bins. Workshop in a corner!

Here is the rest of the shop, better known as the front porch.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Our first sets of healthy Texas piglets arrived! These two moms truly knew what to do! The first set had 4, two black and two spotted pink. The other mom... 12! And she kept all 12 healthy and strong.

Here is the 4, very cute!

And here are the twelve!

Both of these mom's did a fabulous job of separating from the herd and protecting the babies. Soon they will rejoin with babies in tow.

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Quick n easy pig shelters - stand up to Texas wind

The winds here in central Texas can be quite fierce! Back in Oregon, we simply used tarps for shelter roofs. Not so here! Normal duty tarps can barely stand one afternoon wind, much less an evening storm. So a new answer was called for.

There is a resource here that is golden... Oversized pallets! Several local companies give these jewels away periodically. They are about 10 feet long and 4 feet wide. Some are nearly solid in boards. Heavy, but what a great building resource!

I have toyed with a few designs using these pallets, the last being the easiest and portable!

Then, I threw one together especially for the small piglets. The pallet laid flat is a great hiding place in bad weather. Plus... Mom has a dry lean-to close by!

These were thrown together as the last storm's clouds were rolling in, so they aren't pretty, but solid.

As time goes, more improvement is in the works for these pallet structures.

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Welcome To Rosebud!

We are finally settled in... mostly. Beyond the piles of boxes yet taped shut, and the disarray of farm equipment littering the property, and the confused animals trying to figure out their new home, we are HERE.

Wow, what an adventure! The last several months have been a experience never to forget. Moving is always a hassle, but moving a large family is that much more... moving a long distance (2100 miles) is even more, moving an operating business is yet more, and on top of that.. moving a few hundred animals of various species? WOW. I will say at this point.. this was accomplished only by the grace of God. It was a miracle that we even held on to our sanity through it all!

But we are here.. and life is starting to come together again. Very soon we will have products for sale again (lamb sausage, honey and honeycomb, and even our famous pork bangers).

It has not all been good. Honestly, we faced a deep tragedy. One animal in particular suffered more than anyone. In fact he is no longer with us. Our beloved llama, one of our very first farm animals... that has been with us through the years of trial and error learning. He was just not up to the long journey and became weak during the transport. When he arrived, he could no longer stand. We tried our best to nurse him back to health, but in the end he was too old and frail to make it. A very sad ending indeed.

But, the tears come and go, then life goes on.

We also suffered a loss of most of our bee hives. They handled the transport just fine as far as packing and bumps. However, the night we spent in Albuquerque... that was a problem. The temperature dipped down that night into single digit area. Four of the hives could not handle the cold, and the bees literally froze in place. Most likely there was just too much open area in those particular hives and the bees could not quickly adjust to keep the temp up. Very sad indeed. But the ones that made it, are busy  making their new home in the woods behind the farm.

We are finally able to set up some semi permanent pens for the animals, some Texas weather worthy shelters, and a routine of care instead of constant emergencies. The farm is becoming stable again. Soon we can start milking the goats and offering our special extra creamy goat milk to the community!

The stories of our journey are many, and I will attempt to relay them here as time permits. The intention was to blog as we went, but sometimes in life we find that life moves faster than the documentation of life. That's what we discovered! As things calm... we have STORIES for you!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Waiting for the animals to arrive

Here we sit, almost midnight, waiting for the arrival of our final load of animals shipped from Oregon.


When they arrive, our move will be complete! What an experience!

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Bees barely make the 2000 mile trip

Today we unloaded the bee hives after their long 2100 mile trip. Unfortunately, 3 of 5 hives didn't make it. The bees seemed to have frozen, most likely during the night we spent in Albuquerque. That night it dropped to an unexpected 15 degrees!

Oddly, the two hives that survived we're the two in the new style top bar hive. Not sure if that is a coincidence, but certainly seems interesting. Maybe something there?

The good news is, we were able to harvest a lot of honeycomb for candles and even write a bit of tasty honeycomb!

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Friday, February 23, 2018

The end of an era, the beginning of an era

There are no words to describe the emotions that this picture conjures up.

the boy that became the catalyst for all that has transpired over the last decade... The boy that once upon a Time could not speak a complete sentence. The boy that made coconut oil chocolate to sell on delivery route, the boy that has an ever climbing you tube testimonial, the boy that became the best salesman for little sprouts... That boy took down the sign today as we drove off.

All of the sprouts are very special, each in their own way... But Hunter symbolizes what little sprouts farm is all about. It was only fitting that he pull down the sign himself, and load it into the trailer.

Goodby for now to southern Oregon!

Hello to Central Texas!

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As I lay here in the dark on our last night, there is a strange emptiness in the air. A quiet that seems odd. No roosters crowing way to early, no distant call of young goats, no sounds at all. The farm that sustained us for 10 years is empty.

All the animals loaded except for the barn cats and 2 dogs... All on their way to Texas. The farm is still and quiet, resting from the hustle and bustle of the last decade. There is a hint of sadness in the air, but mostly it is a feeling of completion. Our mission here is complete.

We came to this place with no fragment of an idea of our own future. Yet this place is where our life changed forever. The last 10 years has transitioned us from a standard American family, reliant on modern medicine and not even comprehending just how sick we were. Slowly we saw the light, we came to understand what health is. We saved our three oldest children from a sad fate of suffering. It started with a book called"cure tooth decay" and a set of you tube videos showing autistic children healed from their miserable condition.

At the same time our eyes were opened to the whole of modern agriculture... A system based on abuse and poison. A system that leaves the land dead and barren. A system not of life and production, but draining and reliance. This realization started with the movie Food Inc, slamming us into the reality of food that isn't nourishing, of feed lots of sick animals living in manure piles, of animals over bred to barely be called alive, of focus on efficiency and profit, not food and health.

Then we connected with the local Westin a Price group. These kind and caring people served as a conduit to a body of knowledge that seemed foreign but made sense. We learned and grew , this group bringing together the worlds of agriculture and nutrition and health. Slowly we discovered the gaps diet, back before it was cool. And we began to see miracles happen... Across the entire family. Success at last!

The farm grew, people flocked by word of mouth to something that worked. Then interviewers, videos, articles and from all this a farm emerged to share our success with the community. Every weekend for several years we pulled our "little sprouts trailer" around the county delivering fresh foods produced by loving care to people that depended on us for health, for a path. We grew from 12 customers to over 200.

But then a new mission emerged. There was more. Agriculture, even organic and beyond organic, was still not right. We spent huge sounds of money on feed, shipping things in to sustain it all. It seemed we were not producing, but consuming! And then the biggest Revelation hit.... There is a way!

The circle of life... The foundation of health. Land. Animals and plants coexisting in harmony in a sustainable ecosystem, a virtually closed ecosystem. Instead of consuming vast amounts of energy and feed, the land itself can provide. The land, the life within the soil, and the sun is all that is required. And suddenly farming became profitable! It became reproducible!

Not one farm serving thousands... But a thousand farms each serving hundreds. A reproducible farm model that produces more than it consumes, is financially sustainable, and produces the food that people so desperately need to find health and healing.

All that... Across exactly one decade of time, and all directed by the Creator who is calling us back into old wisdom, to respect his ways and his creation. Man's wisdom is simply no match for the reality of creation itself. Working with nature, it all comes together. That is the lesson.

So tonight this little 10 acres sits quiet and empty. It is time to graduate from school... To move on and prove all this to the world, to reach people all across this land, to offer hope to the suffering, relief to the hurting, financial stability to the next generation of Farmers.

I love this place. It hurts to leave it. This plot of land is where God saved our life, showed us how to live. But it is time. Our work here is done. As painful as it is in this last night to move forward, the promise of success for this mission is motivation to push through.

This is not an end, but a beginning... A graduation. Will we be back here? Time will tell. I have learned in my 50+ years that life is unpredictable. Grandpa used to say... " Bend like the Willow, or break like the oak". We are bending...

With God's grace, we say goodbye for now, and March forward into the promised Land....

Stay tuned!

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

It is finally here! Final moving day

Wow, after an unexpected 2 week delay, untold challenges and costs, we have finally reached the final move day! The second load of livestock will be picked up this morning, leaving the rest of today to load our final trailer and hit the road!

Lots had been happening over the last 2 weeks since Brenda left, to much even to list out. Some good, some not so good. In fact we have been so busy i could not find the time not energy to write about it. I will try to retell the story after things settle. This should be a reality TV show!

Let's hope and pray today goes well!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

First births of 2018, Texas babies!

The first birthday of 2018, and the first Texas babies was a set of triplets. They were born just 2 days after the long journey to Texas! Everyone is healthy and growing nicely in the drier Texas winter.

Meet the first Texans in the herd

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