Welcome to Little Sprouts Farm, located in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. We are dedicated to four things:

  1. Provide the best quality, most nutritious traditionally processed foods to help people heal and stay healthy
  2. Provide a humane and peaceful life to all of our farm animals
  3. Follow environmentally beneficial farming practices
  4. Build a sustainable small farm business model that can be copied across america

We focus on nutrition and quality, not profit, price and production!

We are unique in how we raise animals, how we feed them, how we treat them, how we process products, and how we deliver to our customers. Little Sprouts is turning back the clock, providing the foods that America started with, before factory farms and commercial food production.

Our primary focus is on animal based products. Good organic produce is available from any number of farms, but good pure animal products are virtually non-existent! Fats and proteins are essential for health, but if done wrong, they become a health negative. We strive to correct that, and provide the proteins, fats, broths, etc that people need to stay healthy with no hormones, vaccinations, soy products, hybridization, genetically modified anything. We use heritage breed animals fed with heirloom produce, raise on open pasture in the sunshine. All breeding and birthing is done on farm, the natural way, from generation to generation.

We do real home delivery within the Rogue Valley! Yes, just like olden days. We make the rounds to each customer once every two weeks to deliver fresh farm products to order.  This is NOT a CSA. While we support the idea of CSAs, we do not operate one. Instead we allow individual orders followed by free home delivery.

We ship around the nation! Starting for 2016 we are shipping many of our products, including raw frozen meats, across the nation through reasonable shipping rates via UPS. You can order online, pay online, and take delivery right at your door!

In addition we have an on farm "store" for our customers to visit anytime for a pickup. The farm itself is open for visits most any time, we just ask that you call ahead to make sure we are here when you arrive. And we also will ship products to out of area customers.

Check out the PRODUCTS page for a list of what is currently available. Just like traditional farms, our products are seasonal and made in small batches.

Browse through the blog posts to get a feel for how and what we do. The blog follows our lives for the last 2 years while setting up the farm, including all the trials and triumphs we experienced.