Monday, July 28, 2014

Cheese Selection is growing!

We are very excited to have eight different blocks of cheese available in the online store for immediate sale!  There are 3 new plain cheddars plus 2 flavored cheeses.

The plain cheddars are again all unique. Each block has a different flavor and texture. You can browse through the online store to see a description of each one and choose the type of cheese you prefer.

The flavored cheese are exciting!  There is a cranberry cheddar and a jalepano cheddar!

My personal favorite, just so you know.. is plain cheddar block number 8. MMMMM, sweet moist and creamy. My second favorite is the jalepano cheddar. Hunter much prefer the cranberry cheddar, because it is dry and he loves dry hard cheese best.

The amazing good news is.. there is not a hint of "goaty" flavor or aroma in any of these cheeses! We have been very worried because, quite frankly, we dont like any goat cheese we have tried before. They always had such a pronounced "goaty" flavor that it was just unpalatable. It was quite scary going into the goat cheese business when we have never had any goat cheese that was ... pleasant. BUT... looks like things worked out. The cheese we are selling are full of flavor but absent the characteristic goat flavor we feared.

So browse through and order some cheese! There will be one or two new blocks appearing each week, and when a block is sod out, it will disappear, never again to return. If you find a personal favorite... you might want to purchase some extra!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Special Purchase! Heirloom Purple Hulless Barley!

We are very excited to announce the availability of Purple Barley, available immediately in bags of 1, 2, or 5 lbs.

Purple barley is an heirloom (really old!) barley with no hull, so it can go directly from farm to table. It has a pleasant nutty flavor and is very high in protein while low in gluten. The flavor is similar to old fashioned oats, but perhaps more pronounced.

This barley can be soaked as is for a breakfast cereal  to replace oatmeal, or it can be added to soups and stews instead of rice. It could also be used as a side dish to replace rice for a low glycemic low gluten substitute.

This barley was a grain used in ancient Tibet. It was collected in 1924 by an American visiting Tibet, this heirloom variety of hulless colored barley was brought back to the United States and tucked away for many years in the USDA Seed Repository in Idaho as PI 60205. Pat Hayes of Oregon State University heard about this grain from his colleagues Victoria and Tom Blake at Montana State University, who had named it “Karma.” Tom Hunton saw Pat’s test plots, liked what he saw, and increased seed stock of Karma at his farm in Junction City.

We acquired a few thousand pounds of this amazing grain from a certified organic farm near Klamath Falls, oregon and are offering it for immediate sale.

You can also sprout this barley for human or animal feed!

Check our online store to order a bag of this amazing ancient grain!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First batch of little sprouts pure lard soap

Here it is!  Our first batch of pure old fashioned lard soap!  36 bars pl7s some fun shape molds for hand soaps.

Simple ingredients...  Lard and lye.  (plus a LOT of stirring!)

Watch for this in the online store.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The new sunroof

So....  This was the view from inside the milking room this evening.  It appears the ladies have decided on some minor remodeling of the holding stall.  A new sunroof!

OK,  so it's only roughed in at this point,  but it does give a nice roomy feel!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cheese ready for sale!

We are so excited!  This week marks the beginning of a new chapter for little sprouts!  Wet are officially in the artisan cheese business!  This week or first blocks of raw goat cheese reached the required minimum 60 day mark in adding and can be packaged for sale!

There will be one or two blocks made available each week going forward.  Each block is unique,  much like tests and batches in wine.  Each one had a different character and flavor even if from the same recipe.  Wet will do our best (with help from our cheese club members)  to revive each accurately so you can choose which you prefer before purchase.

The first cheeses will be plain cheddar,  but in a couple weeks the special cheeses are due...  Such as :

Onion and sage
Onion and garlic
Italian spice
Raisin and cinnamon

More details to come soon on how to order and what's available.  You should have some options for ordering this week. Stay tuned!