Tuesday, October 14, 2014

One thing almost anyone can grow

Besides radishes,  zucchini seems to be the easiest to grow vegetable on this planet.  Drop a few seeds in the ground,  keep them reasonably wet,  and soon you have something like this...  Monster food!

Kaelyn proudly shows off a prize zucchini
These things grow big all summer long,  and grow fast.  A whopper like this is maybe 4 days from bud to this size!  It's a great way to feed animals or people.
If you haven't tried zucchini,  plant done next year.  They are amazing!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

How to catch a wild llama --- PRAY!

Today we went back to foothill property to load  our newest llama, affectionately called "mama Llama". What happened is nothing short of amazing!

Mama Llama is a female llama we brought on board just a few months ago to help guard the foothill property animals. She was purchased from a farm in bend, and moved directly to that property. Her exposure to any of us was very limited, and almost exclusively at a distance. In fact she has been living alone at foothill for weeks.  She is hte one that was constantly blocking our attempts to load the sheep sunday night.  So, needless to say, she was not going to be an easy catch.

Llamas are inherently different from horses. They are more like camels than horses. Their personalities are perfect for a guard animal... distrusting, alert, aloof, and difficult. We are by no means expert llama handlers either!  To make matters more difficult.. mama was out loose on 60 acres!  So.. yep.. here we go!

At first we tried to just herd her towards the makeshift holding pen we used for the sheep. No go. After running back and forth with 4 of us for an hour or so we decided that was pointless. So I tried to make friends... a bucket of grain and I could get within 3 feet, but no closer. Her hunger for grain didnt outweigh her distrust for me.

So what do we do?

At the moment of not having any ideas left... something interesting happened. I saw a vision. Walking across the pasture wondering if this was possible... I suddenly saw a movie in my head... a movie of us, walking across the pasture, holding a white rope maybe 50 yards long. We were stretched out in a semi circle, with the llama walking peacefully towards the open end.

WOW! What an idea!

So, we grabbed maybe 100 yards of white electric fence rope from the old sheep pens, folded it in half twice to make 4 "ropes" about 25 yards long, about aligned ourselves in a straight line evenly spaced out, and walked behind her.  At first she was a bit spooked and moved away quickly. WE followed, letting her set the pace. She walked towards a corner. At this point i realized the "rope" was too short, so we unfolded once to make it about 50 yards long. We were then able to circle around her at a safe distance with a half circle.  IT was WORKING!

As we slowly walked towards the holding pen, i realized that the holding pen was now behind the parked trailer and 15 passenger van (the "buggy"). I was a bit concerned thinking "how in the world do we squeeze past the trailer like this to the holding pen without loosing her? She seemed to repect the "rope" and wouldn't touch it, but arranging our half circle to get past the trailer looked impossible.
But then, as if hearing a voice in my head, the thought hit me... "Why are you going around the trailer... just open the back door".  Oh. Yea... lol.. why not!

So, here we are... I have one end of the rope, Brenda (now very pregnant) has the next corner, uncle Bradley has the opposite corner to me, and hunter has the other end. While holding the rope I made it to the trailer (we all move together keeping the rope taught at her back level) and open the rear door, then hunter moved to the other side of the trailer . At this point, her virtual "pen" only had one exit.. the trailer ! So we started closing in the pen, ever so slowly, to reduce her space until she was standing right at the open trailer door.

We gave her time.. a few minutes, and every so often closed the space a tiny bit more, everyone totally quiet. Finally, on her own, she just stepped right into the trailer! As we closed the door behind her, I was thinking "wow!" that was absolutely amazing!

SO yea, if you need to catch a wild llama, pray. Through divine inspiration we accomplished a seemingly impossible task in under 2 hours!

We owe so much of our success to our creator. Without His constant guidance, my inexperience would make this venture called farming wrought with mistakes! But fortunately, what He calls us to do.... He empowers us to complete!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The sheep come home

Never a dull moment around here!  

In the middle of Saturday deliveries,  I get a call about the foothill property....  Escape!  Apparently the sheep and goats had found that the grass truly is greener on the other side,  only in this case the other side is the neighbor!

It seems they got out and ravaged the neighbors small fruit trees.  So we stopped deliveries around 3pm to head out and investigate.  Sure enough,  it was true. We will be replacing quite a few trees for our neighbor.

The quickest solution was to pull the herd back home,  which we were planning anyway.  So we gathered the troops,  and spent the rest of the day with a bit of an impromptu rodeo!  By midnight we had all the goats,  sheep and one llama back at the farm safe and sound.

Grandma has the wire ties ready to build the holding pen! Notice her little blue truck in the background making part of the pen chute. Is that redneck?

Here is the holding pen, ready to go!

Ollie  is excited!

Bunch of cowboys herding them to the pen

Follow Uncle Bradley!

Rainey (the Llama) races into the pen to find the grain

Quick! Close the door!


Tighten this panel, open the chute, and ready for the first load into the stock trailer

Ollie misses Rosemary :) 

He keeps her entertained while we get ready

Now remember, when I tell you, pull the rope hard and slam the door shut!

Ok, well, Momma Llama doesnt like whats going in. In fact she was a real problem!  We ended up letting her out after a few hours because she insisted on blocking hte chute so the sheep could not load, on purpose! She is a smart one!

Trying to make friends, but she wast not quite ready

Little Shephards!

And here they are the next morning, happy and home in the pasture on the farm. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The scary world we live in

Sitting in the dark browsing through headline after headline of fear over all the present world dangers makes you realize how vulnerable life is.  Here we are with two new deadly health scares,  Ebola and a rhino virus both responsible for death after a short infection.  Fear.  How do you protect yourself and your family from an invisible enemy that could descend at any time?

I don't have all the answers,  but I can share with you our reality.  There is something you can do,  right now.  Something that can't hurt,  and might help. Something we can all do to raise our chances. 

 Get healthy.  

Not just the normal definition of healthy,  but truly healthy...  Get serious about our lifestyle,  diet,  and reliance on pharmaceuticals.  The only thing we can do today to fight these invisible enemies is strengthen our own immune systems to fight them off if exposed.

What does that mean?  We use a 7 pronged approach to health:

  1. Detox from the poisons absorbed from our food and environment
  2. Increase probiotics through supplements and naturally fermented foods
  3. Increase healthy fats like lard,  raw egg yolk,  coconut oil,  real butter
  4. Eliminate carbs like sugar,  breads,  pasta,  grains of all kinds
  5. Add plenty of real properly produced broth from healthy soy free animals
  6. Eat only from scratch,  nothing from a box or package ready to eat. 
  7. Eat only organic or beyond organic.

Sound like a lot?  Well,  yes it is,  but so is treatment for cancer,  heart decease, or yes...  Ebola.   Prevention or treatment is the choice.  We choose prevention.

I suppose you can add one more item to the list...  Replace chemical medicines with healthy herbs and supplements.  (vitamin d,  iodine,  elderberry tea,  etc)

If you have not made the switch from treatment of problems to prevention...  Now is the best time.  You can then rest at peace knowing you have done all you can to protect your family.  If you have dabbled in the switch to prevention,  but not whole heartedly...  If you have tried this or that...  Now is the time to get serious.  Get committed to preventing problems instead of fearfully waiting to see if you need treatment.  Do something that helps instead of waiting to see what happens.  Act!

That is the path we are taking,  and we offer to you all that wet can produce ourself to help you along the way.  Most of the products we offer on farm are the things we use ourself in this endeavor called health.  It is a lot of work,  yes.  But you can choose to buy instead of make from farms like ours. We offer convenience without compromising quality.

Let's join together and make a neighborhood so strong that enemy if we see a local outbreak of those invisible enemies lurking around...  We are safe and can give instead of be another victim. And in the meantime,  we can enjoy better personal health than ever and the peaceful sleep of one who has done all we can to prepare.

Prevention instead of treatment.  That's the key!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

"My I see your registration please?"

Excuse me?

Your registration...

For what?

your car registration

my car registration? why?

For the iodine

Excuse me?

I need your registration for the iodine

Ok, at this point I am looking for the hidden camera... there has to be one, right? Why else would the checker at the local hardware / feed store be asking for my auto registration? but no.. it wasn't a hidden camera stunt, it wasn't a  joke. She was absolutely serious. I was in total disbelief!

Apparently someone or someones in the government of the state of Oregon decided that plain ole iodine (used extensively on a farm) should be a controlled substance. Apparently they passed a law that states that since iodine (along with a long list of other normal everyday items) could be used to create illegal drugs, and therefore it must be "controlled" .... seriously? So since you can use iodine as a root ingredient in illegal drugs, a normal citizen is no longer allowed to buy iodine without presenting a picture id AND auto registration. If you don't own a car, or don't drive said car to the store, you simply can not buy iodine!

Oh my. What has our country fallen to! Do we really think that drug dealers / manufacturers are going to slow down by having to abide by this rule? There are plenty of ways around it without even thinking hard... but normal people are inconvenienced and ... at least for me.. insulted.  Why should I have to prove who I am to purchase a regular commodity? No crime has been or will be committed. These type of laws are just foolish. They wont do a thing to stop crime.... do we really thing a drug dealer will just say "oh that's too hard, i need to get a real job" ?  sigh...

Nevertheless it is the law. Iodine is now a controlled substance, along with a long list of other household things.  Where does this stop? perhaps we should mandate water be rationed, it is used in virtually every drug manufacture. OR spoons! Spoons are used regularly in making drugs... we need to outlaw these things! sigh.

Iodine is a controlled substance... wow. In america. We are so quick to give up freedoms, liberty, for a fake sense of security. What would the founding fathers say? They risked their lives to create a free nation, not one where the government has to ok the sale and possession of simple things like.. iodine.