Tuesday, April 8, 2014

8 more little piglets born today

Our second litter of pigs have arrived!  They are so tiny,  so cute.  These are put large black...  8 born today and all look perfectly healthy!  Great time to come visit.

Soon we will be taking reservations for whole and half hogs.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Big brother TOBY

Toby (who is now 5 months old) has been sidekick to the baby ducklings since they first started popping out of their eggs. He has been seen as a shadow for the individual bringing ducklings from the incubator to the brooder, and also with his nose inside the brooder sniffing and getting acquainted with these adorable animated puff balls. Taking on the protective big brother role, naturally he joined us in the grand adventure outside this afternoon. In the pictures below you will see him looking after and protecting these precious babies. Good boy Toby, its a BIG world out there!

The last picture is of Oliver and Everett on second guard shift. Toby has taught them well!

Bees swarming?

It looks like our strongest hive is readying for an early season swarm.  There are Lots of bees outside the hive preparing for....  Something.  Must be time.

Problem is,  we just filled all our hives with packages so we have no place to put this swarm if it launches tomorrow.  I would hate to miss it,  this is the best colony we have ever had.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.  Too late to do anything tonight but watch.  I suspect at sun up will be a cloud of bees.

Nurturing little gifts

While bringing a few ducklings out of our in home brooder area to get some sunshine this afternoon, our 3 year old son Everett noticed one of them unable to open one of their eyes. Unsure if it was slightly gummed up or if it had been a victim of a sibling pecking at him, I suggested we problem solve how we might help this little creature. Our first attempt was for him to put a tiny amount of water on his finger and gently place it on the closed eye. His face lit up like a Christmas tree when the precious duckling opened his eye! "It worked! He can see!" We were so thankful. What a blessing to be here to serve.
Here is also a picture of us enjoying the babies take a dip in the children's water table. Although we only let them swim for 5 minutes at this age (they get cold), they are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Its the little things..

So, the way this works at Little Sprouts is twice each day we gather up the ladies (milking goats) and escort them one at a time into a holding area where they await their turn to enjoy treats and be milked. Lately one of our gals, Christa, has discovered a new talent. She has figured out how to pull out the pin we use to latch our entrance and exit gates. Having two entrance gates it was a bit comical and only a small set back when she would enter the milking room before it was her turn. Keep in mind the rest of the herd were close behind her. About a week passed and she was bored with coming into the milking barn and decided to try her luck at the other gate. Needless to say... we spent some time sorting the girls that had already been milked from those who had been ever so graciously returned to the sunshine by Christa!
To my delight, Uncle Bradley has installed a new piece to the puzzle for the ladies to contemplate for the next while. Order has once again resumed in the milking barn.
Take a look at his design, we will be sure to let you know not if, but when they challenge us with their crafty nature!