Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Natural bacon back in stock!

Bacon is back in stock!

We just placed a set of smokey natural bacon in the online store and available for purchase.  Not just regular bacon,  but our ever popular "nitrate and salt free double smoked bacon".   We call it nitrate free because we add nothing!  Not even celery powder.   We call it salt free becasue we add nothing!  Not even salt" we call it double smoked because it is smoked for 24 to 36 hours,  much longer than conventional methods.

Bottom line,  there is no substitute!  Just flavor this any way you choose at cooking time,  and enjoy truly natural bacon that is such a delight and healthy!

But hurray...  Bacon usually sells out within 2 weeks.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This year - Gardening by the moon!

Something that has long fascinated me is  time, seasons, and how life interacts with the cycles of nature. One practical example of this is gardening.  Age old wisdom holds that the moon cycles hold the key to optimum gardening. Has it been scientifically proven to be so? I dont believe it has, and I am ok with that! Not doing something because it has never been "scientifically proven" would mean we miss out on a lot of historical wisdom and benefit. Personally I respect what has survived centuries over relying on modern man to rediscover lost wisdom.

enough philosophical talk! What am i referring to?

This year, we are going to follow the moon cycle panting approach.... which simply suggests the optimum days of the season to put seeds  or transplants into the ground for optimum yield and health. A powerful side benefit of this (brenda would say in my case the PRIMARY benefit) is that this gives me a schedule to follow. Admittedly I am horrible at timing. Not a problem that a farmer should have! but its true. I m very must a "just in time" planner. This often causes chaos here at little sprouts as we struggle to keep up with this week's emergency. Having the planting dates pre-planned by a predictable moon cycle is a huge benefit!

But.. this whole process of gardening by the moon is a bit more complex than I wish to master for now.  So I searched and searched the internet and finally found a simple tool  that does what I need.. plan everything based not only on moon cycle but also frost dates!  Thats the thing, at least for me, having the moon cycles charted out is only half the story, becasue then you have to account for frost dates and local rain to actually pick the days.  This software takes that all into account and gives you simple windows of availability for the particular varieties of seed we are planting.  SIMPLE! I love it.

The software we are using is called "Moon Planting Matrix"  available from a website called "Gardening by the moon".   you can find the software webpage at :

The cost is a bit higher than I would like to see, but there seems to be little if any competition in a locally downloadable system that tracks everything for you. That is the key for me.. it has to track everything!

So here we go on another new adventure for the year... Keying in our particular varieties and dates, then printing out the monthly windows of things to put in the ground. If optimum dates are missed for whatever reason, then we just choose the next available date. Simple!

Stay tuned to see how this goes. We plan on growing the majority of vegetables this year for pig and goat food, so we have set aside a large section of pasture for this. If all goes well.. we can start harvesting in as little as 30 days!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Morning Bacon Treat!

What could be better on an easter morning than... farm fresh bacon!

Not one, but both of our favorite recipes!

On the left we have a pan of sweet and spicy bacon:  salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper, dry mustard, and honey

On the right we have sweet cinnamon bacon: salt, black pepper, dry mustard, cinnamon, and honey

Both will be "rough pan fried" which is our own lazy technique... drop mix the bacon in the pan with spices (remember to salt it first and let it sit for several minutes before the rest of the spices), toss the bacon to coat evenly, then fry. Stir almost constantly in the beginning (until the pan bottom fills with lard) to cook all the bacon evenly.  Then stir occasionally until browned as desired.

The advantage for us to this technique is.. you dont have to worry about even slices and laying it out evenly. Just stir and as any get "done" take those out.  works like a charm in a pinch!

Happy easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Upcoming local showing of TRACE AMOUNTS, a documentary on the truth about vaccines

Content provided by a good customer :

For the past 2 months I've spent most all of my free time researching and writing about vaccines, and what I've discovered is truly frightening. Please consider joining us for this film, and sharing the information with your friends, especially those of child bearing age and anyone who might get flu shots. Unfortunately, I just found out about the Ashland showing yesterday and 71 more tickets need to be sold by THIS SUNDAY to secure the theatre, so please act TODAY! It's also showing in Grants Pass...links are below.

TRACE AMOUNTS is the 2015 documentary about Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines. Last month, Oregon legislators were invited by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to a special screening in Salem to see this extraordinary documentary, and so much interest was generated that showings are now scheduled throughout the state.

“We found out that the Thimerosal would be toxic down to – not grams, not mgs, not mcgs, but nano grams – parts per billion – which was almost unbelievable. This was published in the American Journal Medical Society, in the New York Academy Sciences and in the Journal for the Chemical Specialty Manufactures Association and it didn’t make waves, there wasn’t even a ripple – no one seemed to care.” – Dr Frank P Engley PhD – Blue Ribbon Panel Member 1948 AMA meeting regarding Thimerosal’s concerns.

Trace Amounts explores the origin of the use of mercury in vaccines and exposes the continued greed-based decision to keep mercury in the vaccines through several decades. The film is the result of nearly ten years of research and travel in which top scientists, government officials, parents of children with autism, and the average Joe unravel the truths, secrets, and tragedies, of the skyrocketing autism rates.

DEADLINE TO BUY TICKETS to secure the Ashland showing is THIS SUNDAY, April 5th. SO BUY YOURS TODAY! (if the showing is not secured your credit card will not be charged and you can purchase tickets to the Grants Pass showing on April 22nd instead) ASHLAND DETAILS AND TICKETS HERE:  (Grants Pass showing here:  

See the trailer at  


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USDA pork and lamb available now!

We have made a major shift in our products, starting NOW (actually yesterday). For the first time, we have both pork and lamb available in a variety of forms, by the cut, USDA processed! This means that anyone may purchase this meat in small quantities without a paid farm membership. It is legal for retail sale.

If you have not taken a look yet, browse the online store now. I am slowly adding all the new cuts into the pork and lamb section. The available items will be increasing over the next few days.

Some products, like lard, bacon, cracklings, etc will remain members only, available for the $24 per year membership (billed quarterly).