Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Farm implements on consignment

Again.. Bittersweet... Those are 10 years of farm implements going up for sale on consignment. We are keeping the two main ones we need right away... The tiller and the chipper. The rest, are for sale.

If anyone wants a good deal on good equipment, contact rogue valley farm equipment.

Yes there was a tear in these eyes as we drove away today. Silly? Yep. But still...

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Farm on a trailer

Bittersweet day.

Today we loaded up all our farm implements to take to consignment sale. You can see here:

Driveway scraper
Seed spreader
Posthole digger
Brush hog mower

All we are keeping to take to Texas are the tiller and ripper. All these other tools will he sold and repurchased in Texas.

So much history... Some of these implements were purchased years ago before we even knew what we were doing. It is sad to see them all piled on to a trailer ready to leave. It feels like 10 years of life represented on that trailer. The foundations of a farm.

Bittersweet indeed.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

"But Why are you moving to Texas?"

The obvious question we hear daily since the announcement came out that we are moving Little Sprouts Farm to Texas is:

"But why are you moving to Texas?"

That's really two questions in one...

#1: Why are you moving?

#2: Why Texas?

That's becasue FIRST we made the decision to move.  THEN we chose the spot for the next chapter of our lives. 

The answer to #1: Why Move? can best be summed up in this... to serve more hurting people. No, it is not that we seek a larger market for the farm. Not directly.Our goal is to reproduce Little Sprouts Farm over and over. "serving more people" means launching more farms. We have a model here, that is unique... a reproducible business model and farm model that allows a small farm to be launched and become profitable within 2 to 3 years with low risk. That is absolutely huge! Everyone know that "small farms cant make a profit"... and "all small farms must be supplemented with other income to exist". But is that really true? NO! This model that has been produced here in Southern Oregon disproves that.

The problem we face is, "Where's the proof?"  It's currently all theory becasue our farm here in Southern Oregon has been used to Produce the model. In the business world we would call this R&D (research and development). Therefore our financials do not reflect the USE of the model to make a profit. We never stopped investing in "building the model" to just exist and prove that it works. And the bottom line is, THAT makes it tough to convince investors to commit the amount of cash required to take this nationwide. So... we must produce proof. We must implement the model from scratch, just as a new farm would do, to prove that it works.

That obviously can not be done here in our home town... Little Sprouts is much too well known to be a valid test. Potential investors could easily claim that "you already had a name, so of course it worked, that doesn't prove that a new farm can follow and succeed". and  they are right.

So, we must move to a new area, start over where no one knows us, build a farm from scratch in  a totally new market and thereby prove that this works. That is why we must move.... to serve a million customers through launching of a thousand farms like this all across america serving their own local community. 

The answer to #2: Why Texas? is a mix of business and personal reasons. At the top of that list is the fact that I have family in Texas who our 7 children hardly know... sometimes in name only. This is a grand opportunity to connect our children with the side of the family that is mostly just names and pictures. Building a multi generational connection to a family's roots is, in our humble opinion, a necessary part of moving forward.  So, since we must move to move forward... why NOT Texas?

There is also the reality that Texas is an easier state to deal with in respect to health and food laws. We can do more in less time there, which accelerates the process of #1 greatly while reducing cost.  Yes, there is a political side to this question... applicable food production and safety laws reside mostly at the state and even county level.  Some areas are easier to deal with that others, sometimes to a great degree. Right or wrong, it is a fact that there are parts of America where is is very difficult to bring good healthy food to the public due to local food laws. Our goal is not to change any laws, but to tweak the model to fit in whatever laws exist.  That is a challenge! But the first step is to get going. And getting going is most practical in a "freedom first" type of governmental environment.

Research has shown Texas to be such a place, especially certain counties.

In addition, certain parts of Texas are suffering from a "good food desert" effect. Organically produced foods, especially variety meats, are few and far between. Beyond organically produced foods...  the foods that promote true health through healing... are virtually nonexistent. Most people have little to no choice in truly good local foods.  This creates a deeply under-served market. Great place to launch a good food business!

Is this all scary? YOU BETCHA! It is a journey almost beyond our ability to comprehend. Leaving the community that walked through this first chapter with us, the friends, the customers, the people depending on us, the people willing to come out on weekends and pull weeds by our side... that's tough. We cry, we worry, we second think everything.. BUT... at the end of the day we know this is the next step to accomplish the mission that God has laid on our hearts. This is the path before us, we must follow it even when the going gets tough.

Will it work? We hope and Pray so! One truth our family stands on... "God pays for what he orders" and "God empowers the warriors He sends into battle".  We are not called to fail at our God given mission. Sometimes, it just takes faith... faith to step our of that boat into the stormy waters.. while fear says NO! Stay in the BOAT! but Jesus beckons us to come to Him. The walk Peter did that day (yes, Peter walked on the water!) was in a stormy ocean of wind and waves, not on a peaceful calm sea. Our walk is often the same.  To combat the fear that naturally rises within us, we just keep our eyes fixed on the goal... getting to Jesus where HE is. Only when we concentrate on the wind and the waves and the "reality" that we shouldn't be able to walk on water... only then are we in danger.

Besides.. I believe in the model that has been produced here. I have bet my entire life savings on it working. I am personally convinced that this is the answer to food, health, and the healthcare crisis in America. This is the answer to rebuilding our food supply from the ground up. This is the answer to children living daily in pain and suffering due to various conditions beyond their comprehension. This is the answer to our elderly suffering from side effects of one pharmaceutical after another to hide symptoms. This is the path forward not just for our family.. but for our nation and the next generation.

It must work, so it will work.

Let's do this!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

It Is Time! - Little Sprouts Moves to Rosebud, TX !

It has been a long and difficult 2 months here at the farm. Two months from our decision to shut down the farm in preparation for a move to today. Two months filling with phone calls, paperwork, planning, searching, praying, house repairs, all on top of keeping all the now pregnant animals happy and healthy.  Did I say two months? It feels like 2 years!

But, today is the day things change. Just last night we reached a verbal deal on a perfect rental property in the heart of Texas. 20 Acres just outside the little town of Rosebud, Tx. This will become the new home for Little Sprouts Farm for at least the next year.

Rosebud, Tx is a little town Centrally located between three fairly major metropolitan areas: Waco to the north, Temple/Kileen to the West and College Station to the south. This location will allow us to serve a city market area of almost 700,000 people plus all the surrounding areas, all while belonging to a tiny community of less than 1500.

If all goes well, we will be set up at the new property by Feb 1, 2018. Almost exactly 10 years and a month  after our move to Oregon.  Is it possible to move an entire farm in only 3 weeks? Ask us in February!

You can follow our journey here on the blog. I am committed to documenting this momentous occasion every step of the way. The silence of the last two months was intentional, to allow us to focus on finding our path forward. Now that we have a destination, it is all about execution.

I'll throw this out there... if you feel so inclined, we would welcome any manual labor you can offer to assist in this seemingly impossible task. We already are indebted to a few individuals who stepped forward over the last two months to offer their services on certain things we needed. We can not offer cash compensation for your efforts, but can reimburse in whatever products we have available and credit into the future.

Speaking of the future, Hunter has become quite the expert on shipping. This is great news for you, our loyal customer. Through his skills we will be able to efficiently ship product back here (as well as across America). Yes, at the age of only 15 Hunter has mastered the world of shipping, freight, online retailing, and customer service. And yes, this is the same boy that less than 10 years ago could not complete a sentence and spent much of his day lieing on his back in bed playing with the imaginary illusions his challenged mind created. How far he has come on this journey to find true health!

And that... my friend, is why we do this. Looking back over where we were, how we almost lost 2 of our children to neurological disorders that medical science offered no hope for, how we as adults suffered from a long list of various illnesses we called "aging", how life was such a challenge, looking back gives us the drive to move forward. To bring this message to more and more people, to save one more child from a life of pain and challenge.

We must succeed in this mission, to return health to America's children and elderly by restoring Grandpa's farm... before chemicals and artificial life substitutes took over the food industry. We must succeed because we know first hand the misery of status quo. We have a message of health, food, farming, life... and we must bring that message to the nation. But... one step at a time.

Rosebud, TX here we come!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017