Friday, June 1, 2018

Weeee'ere bbbaaaaaaaccccckkkkk

We are back!!!!!!

Little sprouts farm is officially back in business ! Our sign is out, you are welcome to come visit!

The removal of the sprouts sign was perhaps the saddest moment of this move. 10 years of years and joy was represented in that sign, and taking it down was truly the end of an era.

But we are back!

The new era is beginning! The sign is up just in time for our first family farm day.

We leave the next chapter of this saga in our Creator's hands, and ask Him that we be granted to opportunity to serve the Central Texas community even more fully than the southern Oregon community where we started.

Here we go!

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Progress Thursday!

Time is getting close! Just one more day to the big event!

Here is an update of what we accomplished up to now:

The shooting range is set up! Cans filled with water (for the fun explosive effect) at three different ranges. The gun selection is a light bb rifle, a medium bb rifle and a high powered pellet rifle, plus a semiautomatic CO2 powered sig pellet pistol.

The completed activity area! Lots to keep the kids busy during or between talks!

The petting / feeding zoo is finished. Nestled among the trees for shade, there are 3 pens with a "picture" area. We plan to have lambs, baby goats, ducks, chickens, and a baby pig. 
Friday will be spent putting together the meeting area for the talks, the main event itself. We have facilities donated by the local church to support our mission! There will be real chairs in the shade, tables for the picnic lunch, and activity areas for more projects.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Today's progress towards the family farm day this saturday

Today was a very busy day.. the heat and humidity is certainly hefty, but we managed to get a lot done!

Levi learned to make balloon animals! When you very Saturday, he would love to make you a few!

Hunter built most of the petting zoo area. We just need to add some interior partitions to keep animals separate and it's ready!

The goat here finished clearing the meeting spot... In 3 days the ate everything to the ground, clearing away thorns Vines and limbs. Now just a little cutting and it's ready.

I made a simple map of the farm, so that you can find your way around.

We also finished the treasure hunt! Here is the "map" that will lead you to the hidden treasure!

And last but not by any means least... Kaelyn set up the trailer ride, using sturdy plastic buckets on our flatbed. This will be the means to do the farm tour and talk.

Still lots to do... But progress everyday. Looking forward to meeting you this Saturday, June 2!

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Progress for the family farm day!

Memorial day for us was quite the work day! Lots to do in the remaining 4 days. But we managed to knock out a lot of the Todo list today. Here's a bit of a preview of what has been accomplished.

We worked mostly on the fun activities today. The family fun day is intended to be just that.. fun. Lots to keep busy on between the talks and presentations.

Levi created a ring toss area

Katelyn created a bean bag toss

Then we have the mountain and moat

"The web"

The balance beam with teeter totter

And of course a tire race for teams

In the background, we started cleaning off the flatbed for the trailer rides, and cleared away all the "stuff" that was collecting out front. Hunter managed to move the goats, who are anxiously clearing the ground where the picnic and meeting area will be.

All in all a productive day, in addition to the regular farm chores. And at sundown, the little sprouts all had great fun trying out the new obstacle course and games!

More to come tomorrow!

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Friday, May 18, 2018

New pig fencing

One of the most challenging aspects of standing up or new farm here in Texas, has been fencing. Back in Oregon we relief heavily on electric fencing to contain everyone in their space. We even developed a new setup for electric pig and sheep fencing that worked quite well... There. Here in Texas, not so much.

The problem we face here is sand. Lots of sand. Dry sand is not a good enough conductor of electricity to work. The pigs have figured that out!

The first couple months, all was ok. Well.. with the pigs. But lately they realized that the electric wires that scare them so much don't actually hurt that bad. In fact, freedom is with the light pain to get there.

As a last straw, this resulted in almost losing our entire potato crop! We ran town on a few errands and when we came back, discovered that the pigs had escaped! Apparently they hung out in the back garden and snack on a few new potatoes! When we find them, pretty much every plant was pulled out, and the roots scavaged for small tender potatoes. We scrambled to get the plants back in the ground and water heavily, but still we lost maybe half.

We have tried most everything on pig fencing. From 3 to 5 stands, from rope to plain wire, replaced the charger battery, added hot and ground alternating, etc. Even tried using hard panels and they still busted out. So. . Time for a new idea.

Here it is

This is a new type of electrical fence setup. Electric panels. Each panel is built as a self contained unit 16 feet long. It has 7 wires alternating hour and ground. Wires are about 2 inches apart. Post are step in.

Being separate panels means they are ready to stand up, pull down, and move. Much like a netting fence, but only 16ft long.

More to come in this fencing type. For now, waiting to see how well it works.

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