Monday, August 20, 2018

Portable Washing Station

Here is a quick look at a project in process. We decided to utilize the stainless steel 3 compartment sink from the milking room as a portable washing station, complete with hot and cold running water. The whole setup is mounted on a extra large pallet so that it can be moved easily with the tractor.

this can be used with the chicken processing, near the milking, or even for veggie cleaning as required by simply picking it up on the tractor and going!All it needs is an electrical cord (for the water heater control) and a water connection. The electric power will become a battery to eliminate the

need for extension cord in remote locations.

Chicken Processing Station is almost ready!

We are FINALLY getting our chicken processing equipment set up. This is a bit of a new design with a fun twist... it is totally portable!

The whole setup is installed  (permanently bolted down) to a extra large sized pallet. There is enough space on this pallet for scalder, plucker, and processing table for 4 people. The only down side is that the 2 people on the plucker side of the table will be in the "splash zone" of the plucker, but they could always step aside for a couple minutes :)

This setup allows the whole arrangement to move around the farm as necessary with a single tractor load. All it needs is an electrical extension cord and water hose hookup to be complete.  The kill cones will be seperate.

All that is left to do is replumb the processing table for hand held sprayers. the old plumbing didnt make the move, so I get to rebuild it and try a new approach. The spray connections will come of the ends of the table instead of the long side, keeping them more out of the way and giving a better flow of the pipes. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

A plan is emerging - a path forward

To be honest, we have been struggling. Struggling to find a suitable path forward for the farm, given our current situation post-move. I could do a whole post on that topic itself... but right now I prefer to concentrate on the future instead of the past. Where do we do from here?

The farm day event was a nice success! The combination of family fun and talks with people was quite productive. The personal touch was inspiring. But the format, well, the format was a bit challenging with the summer heat. To be a regular event, the weather must be removed as a deciding factor.  But how?

Blogs, articles, posts on facebook, all of those are great as a way to reach and inspire people. Many more hurting families can be reached with help for them through social media, but it lacks the personal touch. It is difficult to manage personal relationships through social media, which largely becomes one sided.  There must be a way of maintaining the personal touch while expanding the reach through modern technology. But how?

Topics are great, to dive deeply into. There are so many! Health is a very broad aspect of life, covering so many things. There is so much "wrong" in our world and understanding that it is difficult to achieve a total view across everything. Write a book? sure.. working on that.. but slow and unresponsive to individual needs. Seminars? yes, but so hard to cover a dozen topics and hold people's hands through the necessary complex steps tailored for them to achieve health. It is just such a complex landscape that there needs to be both a map, and handholding or at least support. But How?

And honestly, most of the people we have worked with that saw no health improvement, can be accounted to one thing, too little too late. They either were not motivated or not capable of covering enough bases to achieve the goal in time to preserve the motivation. they needed more support, more encouragement, a friend to hold their hand in the weak moments, to lend an ear or speak a word in the moment. But How?

We have finally arrived at an idea, a path forward, a vehicle to accomplish all of this and more!

What we truly need is a community! We need to change the way we think about health from an event to a state of being. We need a way to join forces, in a two way relationship to walk together through this myriad of steps, following the map together, supporting and encouraging each other.Not an "event" like a seminar, a workshop, or even a book, but a true community or caring individuals all on the same path, working together with and for each other to reach a common goal, health for our families.

Little Sprouts Farm is launching such a community! Utilizing modern technology combined with good old fashioned workshops and live hands on experience, this community will be that friend you need to succeed. Here are the goals:

  • encouragement
  • enlightenment
  • experience
  • real time support
  • global reach with local touch
  • individual attention
  • real testimony
  • recipes
  • resources
  • skill development
These goals are achievable through this community with a combination of online, in person, virtual in person, and print materials. What we are talking about is a total solution! Not just a piece of the picture, but the whole painting! Everything you need to be successful in one place. 

Over the next short while we will be introducing various aspects of this community, and looking for feedback.  We plan to start with the basics and grow from there, to get the framework implemented ASAP to start serving some families quickly. So many come to use and ask "how can we do what you di?", and now we have a collectively individual answer!

Stay tuned and spread the word... we are building a community to take you through everything you individually need to achieve true health, a life not dependent on pharmaceuticals and treatments, a life of addressing root causes not treating symptoms, a life free from side effects, a life of  deep healing and recovery. a life of sharing and encouragement. 

We don't have all the answers, not even close. But we do have a heart to walk with you to find the answers for you!

Join us! stay tuned and share the word. Let's build a community of health seeking families!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wild harvest texas grape pies!

Just in time for your 4th of july bbq!

We have a batch of wild harvested texas grape pies! Not green grape, but ripe! These pies are bursting with simple goodness, in our own recipe of quality ingredients. They are tart, slightly sweet, and oh so good!

The entire grape is in there... Skins, pulp, juice, even seeds, all ground to a soft filling

much like berry pies. All the health benefit of grape seed in a yummy treat!

We love these pies topped with real organic whipped cream or cream cheese. Maybe a side of organic high fat ice cream!

The fun part is.... Every pie us hand made and unique! The top crust is an individual work of art. Pick out your favorite!

To get a pie while they last, call or email for delivery today, or come by pleasant grove baptist church in rosebud tx to choice yours! Price is 12$ with a commercial, or 15$ with a hand made crust from scratch.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Weeee'ere bbbaaaaaaaccccckkkkk

We are back!!!!!!

Little sprouts farm is officially back in business ! Our sign is out, you are welcome to come visit!

The removal of the sprouts sign was perhaps the saddest moment of this move. 10 years of years and joy was represented in that sign, and taking it down was truly the end of an era.

But we are back!

The new era is beginning! The sign is up just in time for our first family farm day.

We leave the next chapter of this saga in our Creator's hands, and ask Him that we be granted to opportunity to serve the Central Texas community even more fully than the southern Oregon community where we started.

Here we go!

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