Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chicken parts in stock now!

Good news!  We just finished packaging some chicken organs and parts for immediate sale. we have available:


Supplies are limited, so be sure to place your order soon for your next delivery. Remember you can place an order as much as 2 weeks in advance to reserve yours.

These are from our own laying flock, and are of course all of:
pasture raised, heritage breed, soy free, non-gmo, organically fed, raised with love!

These parts make excellent stock! You can mix and match them for an incredibly flavorful and medicinal soup stock, broth to drink, or even just cook them in with other meats and veggies.  Any way you do it, you wont find a better quality product anywhere.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Miracle at Little Sprouts!

Ever so often something happens that gives you pause, something so unexpected and unusual that it makes you think there is more here than meets the eye. Today.. is one of those days.

There was a tragic setback in our new chicken flock last night. It got colder than expected, and the baby hens didnt stay put under the heaters. They wandered. They wandered so far that they didnt manage to find their back to the heaters in time. Kaelyn found them this morning, laying lifeless in the corner of the brooder. 18 little hens on the brink of death.

Now.. let me say this before I continue... this happens occasionally for one reason or another. Chicks do not have the capacity to maintain their own body heat for long and quickly "go to sleep" and die when they get cold.  What we do in these situations warm them as quickly as possible by placing the babies into a warm incubator  with light airflow. BUT.. it has rarely worked. In fact, historically speaking, the chances of these chicks living were about 1 in 100.

But you do what you can.. so we placed them into the incubator as usual and waited. The children got together and prayed for the little birds. It was quite a sad moment. We didnt expect many, if any, to make it. They were lifeless, most totally without movement.  The ones that could move would only slowly slide their limp head back and forth. some... were stiff.

2 hours later... I am sitting in my office and in runs the children overwhelmingly excited! Levi is holding the tray in his hands. I didnt know what to expect until they announced "they ALL made it!" Sure enough, looking into the tray, all the chicks were alive, standing, chirping, and looked perfectly healthy!  Totally amazing! So the children ran them back to the brooder heaters and let them get some food. They were running around, eating, drinking, acting like nothing ever happened, all 18!

I have no explanation for this... except that... the children prayed.  God hears the prayers of little ones... and answers.

First chickens ready for delivery!

We finally were able to get started on chicken processing!  We did a smaller batch today,  enough to fill the subscriptions for this week.  We will follow this with another day or two of processing this week so we have enough to last a while.

Thank you for your patience!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Back in the Chicken and Egg Business!

Finally... after more than a year since the fire that destroyed our chicken genetics, chicken business, and egg business, nearly devastating our entire business model and driving us into a yer of "rest".  We are BACK in the chicken business!

We had planned on retiring a few older birds today for stewing chickens and broth but.. early this morning we got the call. Our new chicken flock had arrived a couple days early! So.. we dropped everything and raced around today to prepare the brooders and retrieve the new chicks from the post office.   260 chicks, Buff Orpingtons, healthy as can be. Well, we lost 2 in the shipping, but 2 out of nearly 300 is pretty good.

So here are some pics..  of the chicks, the excited children, and the brooders finally being populated.  In another 6 months, we will have a steady supply of chicken eggs! Then we start our yearly rotation to provide constant eggs, meat, broth, and happiness!

Thank you for your patience,  just a few more months....

Everyone anxiously waiting to open the boxes of chicks!

Empty brooder on fresh green grass

Ok now.. which are males, which are females....

Finally baby chicks!
So exciting! new life! fun!

1... 2.... 3.... 

They are everywhere dad!

Hunter and his chicks

These little girls would not leave my feet!

Ollie getting the water ready!

Levi is checking on those boys

They are so tiny dad!

Here is the finished setup for the girls, 4 flat panel heaters.

And of course , plenty of fresh water

The guys place... 2 flat panel heaters and 2 heat lights. Party all night!

First taste of large black pork

All I can say is WOW!

We got back the first large black pork last week...  Cooked a few pork chops on the grill with nothing but a little salt,  pepper,  and garlic powder.  The flavor and texture was nothing short of astounding!  I have honestly never tasted pork like this...  Never

The chops are a bit small,  but the results were amazing.  These pigs are a tad younger than normal,  but I don't know at this point how much of the unexpected goodness to attribute to that vs the breed be the feeding.  All I know is...  WOW.

There is a limited amount for now...  So you must hurray to get some of this incredible pork.  You will not be disappointed!