Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Friday, November 3, 2017

Exciting New Beginnings - Sad Endings

This is a bitter sweet post to write. 

With every new beginning, comes an ending. It is time for Little Sprouts Farm to enter into a new beginning, which means the end of what is. Our farm and our family will be leaving the Rogue Valley soon, to pursue our mission of “launching a thousand small farms” across America.

In the beginning, our farm was created to produce food to heal our own family… the foods that are not available in the store or on most farms. The success with our own children brought customers seeking to duplicate our success, and the farm was born. Over the next few years we centered on creating food with as much nutrition as possible, food that truly heals.

Then we ran into the reality that the conventional farm model does not work. Small farms operating with standard wisdom simply can not make a profit and must be supported by off farm income. That is a real problem for our society because as long as farms must be subsidized by other income, our food supply will remain dominated by large corporations more interested in profit than health. This is the problem we next set out to solve.

Through divine inspiration, trial and error, resourcefulness, and plain hard work… we have arrived at a business model that allows small family farms to make a living on the farm without outside income,  a truly sustainable farm, one that is self sufficient. We accomplished this through a re-evaluation of the entire farming model, and re-discovering the laws of nature that farms should be built on. It is based on the notion that "Farms should be PRODUCERS, not consumers". This new farm model allows an inexperienced individual or family to launch a small farm of their liking with minimal resources and training, yet be profitable within 2 years without outside income to support it.

We have done the work to produce the “model”, and have begun documenting it through the books we are publishing. But one necessary step remains… proof. A farm must be stood up from scratch, follow the program, and prove that it works. This first proof point is critical to the success of the final step.. bringing this farm model to the public at large and launching a thousand small profitable family farms, all producing the highest quality beyond organic foods to heal those hurting. With God's blessing... we will be there in 2 years. 

So, we are becoming our own first customer. We have decided to move the existing Little Sprouts Farm to a new area, out of state, where no one knows us. We will set up shop there, from scratch, and following our program, prove that this works. Our target at the moment is East Texas, for a variety of reasons. 

This does NOT mean Little Sprouts Farm is going out of business here in Oregon! We are in the process of migrating accounts to our new  website, and will continue offering home delivery until we move, and then shipping on what is legal to ship across state lines. We value each customer, and deeply appreciate your support all these years, and hope that we can continue to serve you in this way.

That said, we need to start scaling back the farm operations here to concentrate on our upcoming move, hopefully before winter sets in. This means a few things:

  • Goat milk herdshare is cancelled as of Oct 31
  • Eggs is discontinued as of November 1
  • Feed is discontinued as of November 1
  • Farmigo will be canceled within the next few days, replaced by our new online store.

We want to thank you, and this community for making the last few years possible. Our customers are more than just customers, they are family. Many of us have laughed together, and cried together. We have shared success and failures in our journey of health. The excitement of going the next step in our mission, is tempered by the sadness of saying goodby to our friends and customers in this valley. But it is a necessary step to pursue the rescue of the American food system from the ground up.

Please feel free to email or call or come by and visit with any questions.

Thank you and God Bless,
Dave, Brenda and the Little Sprouts

Monday, October 9, 2017

Tonight's menu at the pig table

Tonight for our produce fed pigs, we have the following:

Fresh vine ripened whole pumpkins served on a bed of pumpkin vines with roots. For a savory side dish, a collection of whole kohlrabi. (They had watermelon as an appetizer!)

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Largest turkey ever!

This year we started offering bird processing for customers as a service. The other local bird processing service shut down, so we stepped in with our equipment to fill the gap. And wow there is a large demand for processing this time of year!

One of the most surprising was this guy, a Tom raised by a location family. The biggest turkey I have ever seen!

This guy was so heavy it took both Hunter and I to handle him! We didn't have the opportunity to weigh actually, but I am sure it was close to 5lbs!

Amazingly, it was healthy! It could walk well, unlike most commercial breed turkeys. It had a good layer of fat inside and the liver (nature's window into health status) was beautiful! Everything was just... Big!

Honestly, most turkeys (and chickens for that matter) are not healthy when we see them. They are suffering from various degrees of malnutrition and toxic exposure, mostly due to highly selective breeding and poor quality Feed of mostly soy (horrible food source!) Often the organs are not even useable due to poor health.

But this guy... Healthy and huge! So naturally we were curious about the Feed. Opening the gizzard showed the vast majority of intake was grass! This was a truly great fed turkey. What a difference it makes!

The moral of this story is... Be careful which feed you choose. Just because it has a popular name on the label does not mean healthy. About all soy containing feed, and anything without organically raised ingredients. But there is more... Keep in mind that feed companies are motivated to add no more nutrition than necessary in order to increase their profits. Yes, the trade-off is between their profit and your health. They must draw the line somewhere to compete on price.

This is why we have turned to using our own produce to raise animals. Skip the commercial feed completely. Plus, designing our own feeds to our own quality standards. That way we know what's in there, and what it provides for the animals, and ultimately for you.

This turkey was a great lesson in "doing it right"!

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Hunter headed out to do his harvesting of the Frost bitten plants for pig feed today only to find a sad sight. A group of a few neighbor dogs had slipped into the garden through the squares in the fence and we're actively attacking the chickens. Not chasing, attacking. He soon discovered several dead chickens laying around. They are"sport attacking".

What does that mean? Well, like it or not, birds are the natural food for dogs. A dog's natural instinct is to attack birds in some form. A pack of dogs, easily falls into natural herd behavior to hang up on birds and attack for the sake of attacking, not for food, but for sport.

It's not the dogs fault, it is their instinct. It is what a dog is. Sure, it's possible to train it out of them, but puppies come with a natural desire to Chase and kill birds. It's just reality.

Today, Hunter succeeded in chasing the dogs off, but damage was done. 3 dogs had already killed 3 chickens, wounded 4 more unrecoverably, and 2 more were simply missing (feathers but no body). These same dogs had killed 2 or 3 more chicken earlier. A total of 12 birds.

Birds and dogs are a challenge, because dogs kill birds unless their training is stronger than their instinct. That's just how it is. But don't get me wrong.. I love dogs. Yet with any animal we must keep in mind that they are animals, driven by instinct that is molded by training. Still, down inside, they are dogs.

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