Sunday, August 2, 2015

Almost at full harvest!

The pig gardens are doing great this year. We are just a bout at full harvest potential.  Here is the status:

Squash (including zuchinni)  - harvest every 3 to 4 days, producing 7 barrels per harvest

Cucumber - harvest weekly, producing 6 to 7 barrels

Each barrel is 30 gallons, so on a weekly basis we are producing :

Squash = 420 gallons per week

Cucumber = 210 gallons per week

ITs time to start dehydrating some of the harvest for winter months, since the harvest will continue to improve over the next month.

The beets are ready to harvest, not as many as we hoped for but still significant. We expect quite a few barrels, maybe 12.

The cabbages are struggling in the heat

The pumpkins are doing great, probably ready to start harvesting in 2 weeks.

 Here's a look at the pigs enjoying today's picking of cucumber:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Natural Sausage Flavors!

The Little Sprouts sausages sold so well that we are expanding our flavor offerings! Here is the current list of whats available:

  • Pork Breakfast links - medium spicy
  • Lamb breakfast link, both spicy and mild
  • Gluten Free English Bangers
  • Garlic and Pepper

Starting next week we are adding:

  • Traditional English Bangers with Cracker crumbs
  • Spicy Italian
  • Mild pork breakfast links

All of our sausages are chemical free, based on our own heritage breed, pasture raised, soy free, organically non-gmo fed, non-vaccinated, hormone free, humanely raised hogs. All of the added ingredients are certified organic, and no preservatives of any kind are ever used.  These sausages are as healthy and natural as it gets!

Fell free to order from our online store (even out of state is ok now due to USDA processing)  OR drop by the Medford Food Coop to pick up some.
These sausages are Excellent for BBQ in the summer heat, giving a robust flavor and the knowledge that your family is consuming only the best meats available.

Thank you for supporting us at the Medford Food Coop

We wish to thank each of you  that made a point of coming out to the Medford Food Coop to support our first ever retail sausage tasting . We truly appreciate the time, interest, and patronage that so many of you shared.

The day was a nice success. the products were well received and were selling off the shelf fast enough to require restocking several times! We are thinking about doing one more taste day in the near future for the upcoming NEW flavors!

Thank you for your support, and God Bless!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

One man's weed a another's breakfast

One great benefit of multi species farming, that includes both plants and animals, is no waste! What would normally be a problem in a garden, weeds, become a blessing and nutritional powerhouse.  The hogs, pastured heritage hogs , absolutely love weeds, and they are good for them!

This morning I pulled the mature almost seedy weeds from three rows of melons and simply three then over the fence. The hogs actually walked away from their corn pile to Munch down on the delicious fresh salad!

Even the babies tried some. Before long, there were but a few scraps of leavees and stems left.

First fruits

Baby pumpkin
Baby summer squash
Young zucchini

Here are some of the emerging veggies... Pigs are going to be eating well soon!