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Our goal is to make buying from a farm as convenient as possible. This is not the standard CSA model that locks you into products that you didn't choose. We have a unique model, offering choices for how to take delivery, how to order, how to be billed, and how to pay.

Where to buy

Home Delivery

Farm Pickup

Retail Stores


How to Pay

Billing Type

Payment Source

How to Order


A la Carte Ordering

Home Deliveries

Home delivery is available bi-weekly in and around Medford, Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Eagle Point, Gold Hill, Central Point, and White City. If you are outside these areas, it is possible to use an address of a friend or relative who will receive your order. There is no cost for home deliveries.

Home Delivery Process

When you sign up as a member,  the system assigns your address to a delivery route and day. A few days before delivery, you will receive a reminder email that it is time to order. You can go into the online store and order any products available up to noon the day before delivery.

On the day of delivery, if you are receiving anything that should remain cold, either have someone there to receive the order or put a cooler in an accessible spot. If paying on delivery you can place payment in the cooler.

Your account will be charged at midnight on the day of delivery.

Farm Pickup

Farm pickup can either be a regular assigned day, or just pickup whenever you need something in a hurray or between regular deliveries.

Scheduled Pickup

If you are outside the delivery area, you can choose farm pickup as your preferred method of receiving product. in this case, you will be assigned a delivery day which is the day for you to come and pickup your order. A few days before each pickup day, you will receive a reminder email that it is time to order. Just go to the online store and place your order, then make plans to pickup at the farm on your day.  You account will be charged at midnight on the day of pickup.

On Demand - Emergency Pickup

Things happen ... sometimes you will need something before your regular delivery day.  That's ok! You are ALWAYS welcome to come out to the farm and pickup product outside of your delivery day. Don't worry about the online ordering, just show up! The only caveat here is that online orders must be filled first, so please check with us on stock available before leaving (if possible).

For a emergency, on demand pickup just show up at the farm, find what you need in out stock room, and leave payment in the box on the desk. It is best to also leave a note listing what you picked up.  These purchases will not usually show up in your online account and must be paid for separately with cash or check. If you have an online account, we can charge your paypal or credit card while you are here.


A select assortment of our products are available at retail store around the Rogue Valley. You do not need to have a farm membership to purchase product from a retail store.

Retail Stores carrying our products


If you are not in the Rogue Valley, it is possible to have some products shipped to you. Currently we offer shipping once a month. Shipping costs will be passed on, plus a small fee for packaging, which depends on the type of product ordered.

Please note.. not all items are shippable due to government regulations.

Shipping Process

When you sign up as a farm member, you will be assigned a shipping day.  a few days before that day, you will receive an reminder email that is it time to order. Just go into the online store and place your orders. On the shipping day we will package your order and submit to the shipping company. You account is charged midnight the day of delivery.

Billing Type

You can choose how billing works, to be most convenient for you.  There are three choices
  • Pay Ahead
You submit payment to your account of $100. Each order is billed against your account at midnight the day of delivery. When the account reaches near zero you can submit another payment or have the system automatically charge your paypal account or debit your checking account. The system will always bill in $100 increments.  This is most convenient for those that want to pay cash or check but not have to deal with payment for every order.
  • Bill online after delivery
The system will bill your payment option for the exact amount of each order, on midnight the day of delivery. Payment can be from paypal or debit directly from checking account.
  • Pay on delivery
Simply submit cash or check for the amount of the order with each delivery. You can always pay over, and have the extra funds credited to your farm account. If your balance slips negative, we will let you know.

Payment Source

We accept Paypal, online check, hand written check, or cash. 

Paypal is the way to use credit card, just attach a credit card to your paypal account and billing will go to the card through your paypal account.


Subscriptions are a bit like a "standing order" or a CSA style order. You add a subscription to your account, and the items of that subscription will be delivered for each delivery until you cancel the subscription. The actual content change based on what is available, just like in a CSA, but the value will remain the same.

Subscriptions help us (the farm) to plan for production and provide a steady income. At the same time, for you (the customer) a subscription is more convenient, and you receive a discount on the actual products.

You can manage your subscriptions through your account management link.

A La Carte Ordering

You can always order individual items from the online store for any delivery.  You can also skip ordering for any particular delivery if you prefer. The choice is totally up to you. There is no minimum order.  

You can place your order anytime from the day after a delivery till the day before delivery. 

In general, if it is in the online store, it should be available for your order. When items drop out of the store , that means we are sold out. 

You can access the online store through the member links to the right.