Friday, November 30, 2012

Stocking winter chicken feed now

With winter here we have begun stocking the winter version of Scratch and Peck feeds for chicken. What is winter feed? Simply... it contains corn. Not just any corn... but only certified non gmo organic corn.

Corn adds quick energy to the feed to give the birds a little extra help in The heat generation department. The corn helps them maintain body heat in the cold wet weather we face. Not all chickens need that extra boost but its nice to have the option.

For the next few months we will be stocking 2 additional feeds... soy free layer containing corn and Scratch with corn. The price is the same as the corn free varieties.

Our choice is to use corn Containing feed for most flocks for the winter months and switch back to corn free for the summer months. There is no scientific or even anecdotal evidence to demonstrate a direct benefit to this cycle... but it makes sense and has no negative effects. (As long as all ingredients are truly gmo free)

Be sure to specify corn or no corn when ordering scratch or layer feed.

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