These are original production fro our farm, presenting various subjects around food, farming, and health.  The list will grow from time to time.

Video 1:    Health and Food - how to know what food is good without labels 

This video presents the basis of how to choose food to buy. It is a mindset, of how food can promote health, and why our nation has a healthcare crisis today. Perhaps a bit surprising, maybe a tad controversial, but we believe 100% that this is the truth and the foundation of everything.  All other issues of labeling, pretty packaging, health claims, even gmo labeling are secondary to this simple principle.  If you only watch one video.. start here!

Video 2: Food is Medicine

This is a video we made with a group called "Respectful Revolution". They are touring the nation looking for stories like ours. 

Video 3:  Hunter's Story

This is where it all began... Our oldest son Hunter tells his personal story, his struggle with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) as he remembers it, before we changed our life with good food. 


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