Friday, November 30, 2012

Pickled eggs making a comeback soon

Are you patiently waiting for the return of our pickled eggs? Well if all goes well the wait is almost over! The combination of the holidays and the laying effeciency of the heritage ducks in winter has produced an abundance of fresh duck eggs that we will turn into tasty pickled eggs soon!
What are we waiting for? Well... quite simply... time.  Duck eggs are notoriously difficult to peel as hard boiled eggs. The membrane is thicker... and slightly tougher then chicken eggs making fresh duck eggs nearly impossible to peel when boiled. They must age a couple weeks to be peelable.  Even then its a little more difficult without the right technique.
So... hang in just a little longer.... and we will have Pickled heritage soy free duck eggs available for sale!  Yum!

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