Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First round if turkey processing today

Well its here. As I awake this morning we start a busy 2 weeks of the Thanksgiving season, clearly our busiest time of the year. Over the next two weeks we will process and fill orders for thanksgiving turkeys while maintaining our full customer base support for other products... or try to! This is a real test of our effeciency and resolve.

The turkey orders are right now at five times what we had last year! And we are still getting several calls per day asking for soy free pastured organic heritage turkeys, or some combinations of those benefits. We have officially stopped taking orders but are trying our best to accommodate all those who call in. So far we have been able to fill all orders.

Today marks the beginning of processing. Those birds ordered as smoked are being processed and put into the brine to tonight. Then they go off to the smokehouse Friday. So... as much as we'd like to... we simply can't fill any more orders for smoked birds, that window has closed for the year.

We have made many improvements to our process over the last several months to make this more efficient, and today we put that to a first test. I am very happy so far with the timing, the bird coops we designed this year, the raising process we finalized on, the resulting size and size and demeaned and health of the birds, and anticipate our biggest and best turkey harvest ever.

Check back later to see if I am right!

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