Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kombucha production expanded

Kombucha... that tart satisfying health drink so many have grown to love. It is the only "soda" our family drinks. Flavored or plain... its both good and good for you.

We have just expanded our brewing ability. Too often we have been selling out of this liquid gold. Now we can produce as much as 20 gallons per week. That should suffice for a while until demand grows yet again.

What is kombucha? In short... is is cultured sweet tea. A combination of yeast and bacteria ferments the sweet tea into a sugar free alcohol free, slightly effervescent health drink. Our kombucha is unique, due to our own unique recipe. Is is less carbonated... totally sugar free, bolder taste with a slight hint of heaviness in the background.

If you haven't tried kombucha... or if you tire of the commercially available heavily sweetened type... give ours a try.

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