Little Sprouts Farm is about you, our customer. The products we make are our way of serving you. We are guided by basic principles in choosing which products to carry and how to make them.

Quality and nutrition over price and production

We focus on creating and maintaining nutrition in our foods as a top priority. This means prices are a tad higher, and production is lower, but at the end of the day.. you buy food for health. You buy food to prevent the need for healthcare caused by poor nutrition. We are all in this together.. we can either pay for good food, or we can pay for healthcare. We offer you the choice of putting health over all else.

All quality ingredients

Foods are not just about the main ingredient. Everything added along the way from source to table affects the nutritional value. What type of salt is used? What preservatives?/ are the spices organic? These questions matter, yet most foods purchased in the store or restaurants add the cheapest possible ingredients to save money. We take the other approach, adding value to foods by using only top quality organic ingredients from start to finish.

Shelf life

All good food has a short shelf life. Foods with a long shelf life are produced to aid the factory food industry and grocery stores far away from production. Eating local, from small local farms, allows for foods to be processed for optimum nutrition.  The short shelf life prohibits distribution through conventional outlets.

Use the whole animal

We follow age old principles of using an entire animal for good. Nothing goes to waste. This I respectful to the life of the animal, and bring balance plus optimal nutrition to the consumer.  Our products are centered partly  around a need to make use of all of the animals we raise. As we re-learn age old wisdom, this list increases.

Traditional methods

How a food is processed can increase, or decrease its nutritional value. We strive to use only the methods that increase or at least do not decrease nutrition. This usually means following old wisdom with natural methods. Most "advances" in food processing are really just ways to increase profitability, with no regard to the consumer. We focus on you, and how we can provide the best product possible for your family.

Small batches

Making a lot of something is different from making less. This is one of the appeals to truly "homemade" items.  The sheer amounts of commercial quantities require different procedures that do alter the finished product. There is also the problem of freshness, as big batches take longer to sell and are therefore less fresh when delivered. We choose to stay with "homemade sized" batches to ensure true home made quality.  This does allow for slight variations from batch to batch, which is normal! Nature is full of variety and change. Our food should follow nature.

Start with good farming

It is vitally important to raise animals properly, the way nature intended.  Everything matters from before the day of conception to the day of harvesting.  We follow our own set of rules to ensure as close to nature as possible:

  • Heritage breeds
  • Life on pasture
  • Life in communities
  • Feed real food, not commercial mixes
  • Soy free, organic, nongmo
  • Low stress life and handling
  • No vaccinations, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals of any kind
  • No physical alterations
  • On farm natural breeding

All of these things matter in nutrition, flavor, freshness, and overall quality.

Many products are seasonal, and the list changes frequently as we try new things. Check the online store for a complete and current list (link below)

General list of products available:
  • Meats
    • Pastured Soy Free Heritage Pork
    • Pastured Soy Free Heritage Turkey
    • Pastured Soy Free Heritage Lamb
    • Pastured Soy Free Heritage Chicken
    • Pork sausage
    • Lamb sausage
    • Bacon
    • Organ meats

    • Dairy
      • Raw Goat Milk (available through herdshare only)
      • Goat Milk Cheeses

      • Eggs
        • Soy Free Pastured Chicken Eggs
        • Soy Free Pastured Duck Eggs

        • Cultured Foods
          • Naturally Fermented Sauerkraut
          • Naturally Fermented Vegetables
          • Pickled Soy Free Eggs

          • Cultured Beverages
            • Kombucha
            • Beet Kvass
            • Water Kefir

            • Certified Non-GMO Organic Soy Free Livestock Feeds
              • Chicken Feed
              • Turkey Feed
              • Goat Feed
              • Hog Feed
              • Organic Non-GMO grains

              • Healthy Sweets (sweetened with honey only)
                • Raw Coconut Oil Chocolate
                • Organic Peanut Butter Cups

                • Honey
                  • Raw Unfiltered Honey
                  • Honeycomb
                  • Pure Candles

                  • Farm and Garden
                    • Excelerite rare earth minerals for livestock
                    • Fertile Turkey Eggs for Hatching
                    • Days old Turkey Poults
                    • Days old Heritage Chicks

                  • Soaps
                    • Natural pure lard soaps

                  • Condiments
                    • Mustards
                    • Relishes
                    • Salad dressings


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