Friday, November 30, 2012

Goat feed returns!

Good news all southern Oregon goat owners! The infamous Scratch and Peck goat feed has returned! It is a slightly different formulation, to deal with the lack of certified nongmo alfalfa. We have this wonderful feed in stock now for delivery or sale.

You may remember that we had to drop this feed from availability due to the inability to source nongmo alfalfa several months ago. The experts at Scratch and Peck have gotten around this problem now and reformulated the feed to be useful as a supplemental feed without alfalfa. It is a great way to supplement grain, nutritional supplements like yeast, and minerals so important to goats. You do need to continue the bulk of their diet in alfalfa or hay, but then this makes a great way to ensure the goats are getting everything else they need. We use it as a treat while the goats are milking on the stand and whenever we want to give them a little extra boost or treat.

The feed is immediately available at our farm and through our free home delivery service.

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