Monday, November 12, 2012

The 2012 Turkey harvest has begun!

Today marks the beginning of the 2012 turkey harvest here at little sprouts.  It will be a busy two weeks indeed!

This morning we did some catching and test weighing. It was quite a challenge! These birds are feisty and strong.  I think I might have a couple bruises  to show for the experience.

The weights came out nice though.. we have a nice mix of large, medium, small birds. the largest were 20 lbs 6 oz live weight, which should come out to about 17 to 18 lbs processed weight.

If all goes well, the birds due for smoking will be processed tomorrow and placed in this year's new sugar free brine to soak until friday. then they get transported to the smoke house.  The rest of hte birds will be processed starting this weekend.

Busy times!

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