Friday, November 25, 2016

Ebooks Coming! - Volunteer Reviewers?

We are VERY pleased to announce that finally, at long last, I have committed to writing the Ebooks promised long ago. In fact, the first one is almost done! It should be finished by next week.

The Ebooks have three purposes:

  1. To spread the knowledge of our unique model so that others can make use of these innovate approaches to farming
  2. Augment our own income in this tight financial period
  3. Begin the longer term strategy of launching ten thousand small family farms across america.
We are laying out a series of Ebooks covering every unique aspect of our operation in a way that enables other farms to follow and reproduce what we have accomplished. Some books will be broader, covering principles (i.e. gardening for animal feed), while others will be specific (dehydrating zucchini for winter storage). That way, you can pick and choose the major and minor topics that apply and get right down to business. 

Why Ebooks and not regular printed books?

First, Ebooks are easier to keep up to date. This farming model is a evolving understanding and with Ebooks I can make changes virtually overnight and release updates.  Printed books mean a committed number of printings, at cost, before changes can be made.  That would stifle "up to date-ness" of these writings. 

Second, Ebooks are quicker and easier to distribute at no cost. You simply download the file, and view or print it at your leisure. It puts you in control of how you want it delivered and stored at your end.  An Ebook turns into a printed pamphlet by simply printing!

that said, we will be distributing printed pamphlets (paperback stapled "books") through certain channels for those that really do want only a printed copy. 

What Part can YOU play?

We invite you to volunteer to review and edit these books as they are released for this. The first one will be available sometime next week (last week of November).  Here is what is expected for both  volunteer positions:

Reviewer - Simply read the book, making notes about sections difficult to understand, redundant, incomplete, awkward, etc. This is more about reviewing content, not hard things like sentence structure or typos or layout.  This is more about WHAT is said than HOW it is said. Just look at the information and ask :
  1. is it easy to read?
  2. is it easy to understand?
  3. does it convey the information enough to be doable?
Editor - All of the above PLUS attention to sentence structure, typos, word choice, punctuation, layout, etc. The mechanics of writing and conveying information this way.  This is about both WHAT is said and HOW it is said. This would also require a basic understanding of the art/science of writing and communication.

Please feel free to volunteer for either of these positions by emailing to at your earliest convenience.

FYI: Please remember that any suggestion may or may not be included in the books. Either way, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Every year is a new adventure in this life, and 2016 has been full of surprises beyond most others.

As many of you know, our life changed dramatically this year. We unexpectedly became reliant solely on the farm income, before we were ready. This has been quite the financial challenge. Yet, so far, God has provided in one way after another so that we are doing ok.  This is something to be thankful for! Things have worked out, sometimes at the last minute.

2016 also was a year of changed on the farm. The financial challenges have led us down a beneficial path of improving how things are done, making Little Sprouts significantly more self sufficient. This path has brought realities that previously were just a dream, or not even considered!  The end result is both higher profitability and lower prices.

2016 is coming to a close with the biggest expansion in Little Sprouts History. We have ventured down a path of providing everything we have used to improve our family health. Going way beyond food, into household items, personal care items, supplements, etc. We have worked to be able to share with you what worked for us. Our vision is to become a one stop place to grab not only knowledge but also the necessary products to truly transform your family health and life.

And 2016 brings the seventh child to the Sprouts clan. Due in just a couple weeks, with this child our family has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Each and Every sprout is special in their own way. We are reminded by the farm name, "Little Sprouts Farm" that this venture is not about me or Brenda, it is about the children, the sprouts themselves.

So today, we celebrate so many blessings while facing an uncertain future. Life has brought us to this point, and as we glance back in awe of all the steps that led us here by Divine Providence, we recognize that this is bigger than us. This is truly a life mission, to touch your family with the blessings we have enjoyed. We almost lost a child to lack of knowledge, to "following the standard american advice" in health and life. But we didnt! By Gods grace we are all here at the end of 2016. What more could we ever be thankful for. Not only are we all here, healthy and happy, but we have the privilege of sharing these truths with you.

God is Good, Life is awesome, and we are thankful to share what we can with you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Lower Prices !

We have finally received our first batch of products made through our new streamlined processing.  And you get tremendous savings!

Little Sprouts is now utilizing Mohawk Valley meats and Taylor Sausage to do the processing of all meat products. This has greatly streamlined the process ad lowered our cost for all processed products, which we pass along to you.

In addition, our  new approach (started in early 2016) of growing our own feed for animals has lowered our feed cost dramatically. the project is a success! that also lowers the finished product price to you while preserving a decent living income for the farm.

 For example, dinner sausages have dropped over 40%!

Please take a look at the new prices in the online store... you wont be disappointed.  Virtually all meat products have dropped in price significantly!

Exciting Changes in the Online Store

With all the new products we are offering starting with the December delivery, we have made a number of changes to the  online store. It is now easier to navigate and find things, easier to discover new items. There are many more categories, with fewer items in each category.

Please take a moment to browse through all the categories to see all that we now offer to bring your family the life you deserve.

You will also notice a new category: CLOSEOUTS! This is where we will put items that we are no longer selling, or that have changed and we need to move some stock to replace.  These products are often offered below costs for quick sale.

Gift Certificates - Give the Gift of Health

Everyone knows someone that is struggling with health issues. In fact, it seems that today, all of us are struggling with health issues of some sort. Many of these health issues can be traced to a root cause in diet, nutrition, or environment.  the standard american diet, and the standard american home are both loaded with toxins and lack the basic things necessary for health.

Now, you can do something to help your neighbor, family member, or friend! 
Give the Gift of HEALTH.

For the first time, just in time for the holiday season, we are offering Little Sprouts Gift Certificates.

How do they work?

For the buyer (you):  Just go into the online store and look under the category for "gift certificate". Choose the value you wish to give, and as many as you desire to create a total value of gift.  ($50 plus $100 = $150 value).  This will become part of your order for the next delivery. On that delivery day, we will drop off the printed gift certificate with your monthly order. Then you simply send out as a gift from you.

For the Receiver (your gift recipient): They receive the gift certificate from you, and go into the membership system to create a new free member account.  After signing up they can contact us through to let us know the value of the certificate, and we will verify the code. Then we place that value on their new account as a credit.  They can order anything in the store with that value! From that point on, they will receive monthly emails about upcoming deliveries and can order anytime they wish. 

The gift certificates are good for local delivery as well as shipping! Dont forget your out of state friends! 99% of our products are now available for shipping across the USA.

This holiday, give a gift that lasts a lifetime, one that will touch lives in a positive way. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Product Overview

As promised, we have been working very hard to expand the value that we can bring to you, our loyal customer. 

Health starts with food, yes, no doubt there. But life is more than the foods we eat and liquids we drink. Life  includes the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, the products we put on our skin, EVERYTHING MATTERS. That is the lesson we learned. 

Many people have come to us, wanting to duplicate the healing we have enjoyed. Yet, often, their experience is different from what we testify to. One reason that can be, as we have learned, is to concentrate on only one part of life.  Just buying clean healthy meat is good, but not good enough. TO achieve the maximum health benefits of a healthy lifestyle, you must change everything into a healthy lifestyle! Nothing held back . That is the commitment we made to ourselves and it worked!

So now we wish to bring this to you.. in a convenient form. You could research, shop around, trial and error... as we did. Or you could just start where our experience has lead us.  We have already weeded through a myriad of products of varying qualities and sources to arrive at the short list we use now.  You do not have to start from scratch!

So far, we have managed to bring the following products, ready right now for your order!

  • Liquid Castile Soap from Dr Bonner's
  • Nordic Natural Fish Oils
  • Rising Tide Sea Vegetables
  • Zum Healthy Laundry Soap and surface cleaners

And more are coming! If all goes well we will soon make available:

  • A natural and healthy deoderant that WORKS without stickiness
  • More fish oil products
  • Clay based products for detox
  • A toothpaste that is incredibly effective and tasty without chemicals
 Our commitment to you is this.. we will only bring products that we make ourselves, or that we use ourselves. We do not want to by "just another retailer".. we are here to serve you by pre-testing and researching  whats out there that we cant make, and bring you products you can trust for a whole life healthy experience!

We invite you to start today, with some of these products.. delivered for free right to your door the first week of each month. Join us in a path to healthy life in all aspects... nothing held back, to achieve the utmost of a pleasant, productive, long life.

Available Now: Dr Bonner's Castille Soaps!

Cleaning is something we do every day.. and it requires a variety of approaches and products. BUT, we have leanred through personal experience how devestating most commercial cleaners are on the human body. Constant exposure to harsh chemical based cleaners is significantly detrimental! So to fix our environment in order to promote health, we went on a search for nature's answers... and found Castile Soap!

Castile Soap is the purest liquid soap you can find, and Dr Bonner is known for producing the highest quality with a variety of pleasant aromas. They add no harsh chemicals or fragrances. Its just liquid soap as nature intended. Castile soap can be used for a wide variety of cleaning jobs. In fact, they promote this soap as an all-in-one cleaning solution. Its good for body and home alike as long as you dilute it.

We make bar soaps from our lard, but liquid soaps fill the needs where bar is just not convenient. so... Now you can order Castile soaps right here from Little Sprouts Farm and have them delivered for free to your door with your monthly order!

Browse over to the online store now and check out the scents and sizes we offer.. our own personal favorites after trying many of them.

Its time to clean up your home! No more harsh commercial cleaners necessary!

Available Now: Rising Tide Sea Vegetables!

Seaweed! That crunchy tasty treat that is literally packed with nutrition! We use seaweed treats as snacks for the children frequently.  It is one of hte things we changed in our own family journey to find health.

But which seaweed?

As usual, be careful sourcing anything from the sea. In this day, post nuclear reactor accidents, it is very important to make sure that the seaweeds you consume are tested pure and clean of any radioactivity, and contain no contamination from man's pollution or heavy metals.

Our answer to this dilemma is the local Firm, Rising Tide Sea Vegetables.

These local guys are the sea harvesting version of Little Sprouts Farm, going to great lengths to ensure sustainable practices, clean pure high quality product, and convenient packaging. They hand harvest and hand dry all their seaweed!

for more info, check out their FAQ WEBPAGE!

Now, you can order the most popular of their products, the ones that we serve our own children, through your monthly Little Sprouts Farm home delivery order! Just go to the online store and look under "Seaweed" to see the options!

Available NOW: Nordic Naturals Fish Oils

Fish Oils are perhaps one of the most vital staples of a healthy life. The Omega-3 contained inside fish oils is important for many body functions. We have been taking fish oil for decades. In fact, fish oil is the very first change we made in our family's diet, and saw significant results.


Not all fish oils are alike. In fact, not all are healthy! If not properly sourced, processed, and packaged, they can actually become a health negative due to heavy metal content, impurities, low nutrient concentration, or even rancidity.

We have settled on a short list of fish oil suppliers, one of these is Nordic Naturals. 

Now, you can order Nordic Naturals direct from Little Sprouts Farm as part of your overall health supporting monthly order. We have tried many of their combinations and flavors, and settled on a short list of our favorites, which we now make available to you. Just look in the online store under "health supplements" and you will see the options. As usual, your oder will arrive at your door on delivery day.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Announcing - Zum Clean Products!

Everyone does laundry!

Think about it... soap never washes out totally, not 100%, so there is always residue left in the very fabric of the clothes.. the clothes that then rubs on your skin all day (and all night if you wash your sheets!).  Since we absorb through our skin just as much as through the foods we eat, that is a VERY REAL CONCERN!

Take a look at the laundry soap you currently use... at the list of chemicals on the label.   We did and WOW, its scary! So we made the change. Brenda tried brand after brand. It wasnt easy.... our clothes are perhaps the dirtiest, smelliest possible every day due to our work on the farm. She needed something that actually WORKED as well as had no harsh or questionable chemicals.

We settled on Zum Clean brand of laundry soaps. !

IT WORKS, and has nothing that we deem too dangerous to use, to have against our skin from young to old.

These cleaners will be available in our online store for delivery in December, if all goes well.

New Products coming!

As promised... we are announcing the addition of lots of new products by early next year. Not just food, but all sorts of things! all available through home delivery and shipping.

We have often been asked "what else do you do?" when talking about  our lifestyle changes that led to successful healing of so many health issues.  While food is the central item, there is much more to the story...

" the environment we live in is almost as important to health as what we put into our bodies "

We have decided to add all these other things to the mission of Little Sprouts, so you can easily add the same things to your life.

This includes but not limited to:

Household Cleaning products - laundry soaps, dish soaps, general cleaners
Personal care products - soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants
Cosmetics - chap sticks, lotions
Herbal health supplements
Nutritional supplements

the list goes on and on..

We will be offering the very same products that we have settled on for our own use, after years of research into "what really works and what is really healthful".  If we dont use it, we wont sell it! We appreciate the trust that you, our customer, has put into us for vetting these products. While we make NO GUARANTEES about any particular products, we are sharing and making available what has worked for us.

So keep an eye on this maillist, each month we hope to add a few more items as we get this rolling