Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Great Turkey Escape

It happens every day...  the door comes open and a few curious souls peak out. Slowly they emerge from their safe hiding place. Cautiously looking around, sniffing, watching for anything that might be a danger. They venture further, a few more faces following suit behind. As the first few brave souls reach the edge of safety, the crowd behind is pressing them forward. Is it safe? can we relax?  They cant be sure.

then suddenly someone decides freedom is valuable. They cant go back against the pressing crowd so they keep moving forward and realize its a good thing!  Sunshine, fresh air, freedom! Wings stretch out, voices embolden, and then.. critical mass is reached and the whole flock takes off together... hopping, running, even flying through the air. They are free...

Until nightfall when they return to their safe haven, only to replay the drama on the next day.

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