Saturday, August 9, 2014

Testimonial for pure lard soap

This week,  I did a test.  Last Sunday our family got hit with a pretty nasty sinus infection and sickness.  I was in bed from Sunday night till Tuesday.  Sometimes this is a little more time to think than is useful,  we come up with crazy ideas!

I decided to test if our pure lard soap truly was non drying on the skin.  Research says it should be,  but it's it?  So I started showering with soap two to three times a day,  purposefully lathering up sensitive areas such as my face and sore nose.

The weather was hot and dry.  Humidity must be around 2%! My nose had the extra irritation of constant tissues and touching.  Under normal circumstances,  I would have immediately suffered from dry skin,  especially around my sore nose and actually my eyelids. Common problem areas for me.

Results? Astounding!  Not only did I NOT notice any dry itchiness,  but it truly seems the soap actually helped moisturize my sore nose!  It got better instead of worse.

While not a conclusive scientific test....  I am satisfied that this soap is not like anything we have found in the store.  It leaves you feeling fresh and clean and moisturized! It seems to help skin heal!

Give our soap a try by ordering from the online store and please do share your experiences.

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