Friday, August 29, 2014

New product- kombucha hair rinse?

Why would anyone put kombucha on their hair?  Well....  A better question might be,  why would any rational person put a solution of many chemicals and even nano particles on their gaur?  Ever read the back of a shampoo bottle or hair rinse bottle?  Better grab your chemical reference guide!  They are full of...  Well...  Stuff you can't pronounce easily!

We went through a period of cleaning these sort of hidden dangers out of our home and life several years ago. It is amazing how much we had accepted without even knowing it!  Anything with chemical names on the ingredients....  Gone..  It would have been impossible to detox otherwise! We were awash in chemicals!

But then...  What do you use to replace those chemical soups?  Slowly we relearned what people have known for centuries...  Herbs and natural substances.  Now we are bringing our own homemade products to you in convenient forms.

So hair rinse?  Yep.  We found the easiest effective shampoo replacement is pure baking soda followed by an acid based rinse.  We take a palm sized mound of baking soda,  wet it to a paste,  and massage it into hair.  Let set a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.  Then add some mild acid probiotic rinse,  massage thoroughly,  and rinse well.  Truly clean,  healthy,  manageable hair!  PH balanced and clean,  the probiotics even help keep it smelling fresh longer.

So why kombucha?  Apple cider vinegar works also,  but we prefer a blend of kombucha vinegar (no sugar left,  no flavors)  mixed with a strong herbal tea of rosemary and bay leaves.  It it light,  has a soft bright scent,  and the herbs further help to clean and balance the hair.

Try it.  You will be amazed and the effectiveness of simplicity.  Nature works...  If you give it a chance.

We have introduced hair rinse in the online store available now.  It is in small bottles for now.  If the product sells well we will get larger plastic bottles and be able to lower the price.

Clean up your life without chemicals with little sprouts pure lard soaps and kombucha hair rinse!

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