Friday, August 8, 2014

Making Seed plates for HossTools Seeder

The cabbage and Rutabaga seeds we wanted to plant just wouldnt work in the seeder. They seemed just a tad too big for the holes in the seed plate, and would plug the holes quickly. The next size up was too big, allowing many seed through and actually getting stuck from too many fitting in the hole. These seeders are designed to work with a single seed freely fitting intot he hole, but never more than one.  Close tolerances!

So, we took a blank seed plate and drilled holes. Starting at the smallest 1/16 bit, making 6 holes according to the template, then moving up to a larger and larger bit until the size got right. Ended up perfect at 3/32.

Very thankful for the dremel drill press! It make the job so much more accurate and quick. First time I have found a legitimate use for it where the tool was actually indispensable!

So the bottom line is, we made a seed plat that works perfect for both cabbage and rutabaga. Testing it shows a consistent drop of one seed per hole in the plate with never a blockage. And of course we "engraved" the identification on the pate for future reference! (that was the most fun part)

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