Saturday, August 9, 2014

Quick look at Drip system

Here is a shot of the new drip system in the front garden.  These are planned with the winter veggies (carrots,  rutabaga,  beets,  cabbage).  The lines are 12 inches apart . Each line lays in the track of the hosstools seeder rear wheel.

Each line is connected to a pro-loc connector which is glued into a 3/4 inch pvc T.  Having a 3/4 inch pvc line across the top and bottom holds the lines in place,  but also equalizes the pressure across all the lines better. The top line looks just the same.

The water is running now.  All that is left is to watch it for the first day or two and adjust the timer run time to apply enough water to sprout seeds without over wetting in between the closer rows.

Even ollie was glad this was done.  It's HOT out!

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