Monday, August 11, 2014

Kombucha is back in stock!

It has been a while, but the wait is over. We are now reintroducing Little Sprouts special KOMBUCHA, available immediately in the online store!

If you have tried kombucha before,  you will find that ours is quite unique. It is based on a special blend of black and green teas, plus sucanant and cane sugar. (all organic of course!) This bend gives our kombucha a very unique robust flavor that makes it stand alone against other recipes.  Also, our kombucha is STRONG! we dont water it down before bottling. It is full of flavor and bite, yet pleasing to the pallet. If you prefer a weaker, more refreshing  but less flavorful drink, just mix half and half with water and it will be like other kombuchas (plus last twice as long!)

If you have never tried kombucha, now is the time ! Kombucha is an age old drink full of both probiotics and natural acid and enzymes that are hard to find elsewhere. The health benefits of consuming this wonderful elixer are many and varied. Just do some searching online about kombucha and you will find a lot of information and testimonials about the benefits of this drink. We do recommend starting slow, consuming no more than a ounce or two per day. This allows your body to adjust easily to the strong probiotic content without what is known as a "healing crisis". 

While the kombucha inside is the same as we have always offered, we have made significant changes to the bottling and delivery. First, we now bottle in 2 ounce glass screw top beer style bottles. These are easy to carry, easy to open, and inexpensive to buy, so there is no return necessary! IF youd like to return them, we will always accept them back, but it is not expected. 

Second, we offer kombucha 3 ways:

  • a four pack of a single flavor
  • a four pack with a variety of flavors
  • a subscription for a four pack every 2 weeks

The subscription saves you 10% on the price!

We encourage you to try the new flavors, new bottling, same old special kombucha. Let us know what your favorite flavors are!

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