Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Golden Sweet Sunset Adventures

One of our favorite activities we love to do as a family is pick fruit for our animals.  The children laugh, they play and we enjoy each others company.  And as if all that wasn't fun enough,  then,  we get to watch them enjoy the harvest!

Many people have been blessed with fruit trees on their property that fruit more then their family can utilize. When the fruit becomes ripe and falls,  it can become a bit of a chore for the owner to manage.  We are so thankful to pick any unused fruit and also to clean up fruit that has dropped. 

We were able to pick 4 (5 gallon) buckets of tiny yellow organic plums for our animals from this generous couple in central point.

If you know of any organic fruit or vegetables that would bless our farm, please let us know. It is extremely valuable to us,  and we are very thankful to provide the variety in our animals feed supply.

Happy picking!

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