Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Cultured Products! Salsa, Marinade, Dressing

Exciting new products ... available immediately in the online store!

Cultured Salsa - Based on the nourishing traditions recipe from WAPF

This salsa is WONDERFUL! Fresh, bright flavor, tangy, medium hot. It is fully organic and even uses heirloom tomatoes ! Cultured for at least 5 days and absolutely delicious!

Kombucha Marinade - a probiotic live meat marinade, especially good for pork and chicken

Based on Kombucha Vinegar, a live probiotic much like apple cider vinegar. This marinade is especially great for pork and chicken and turkey.  It is ready to use and imparts not only tenderness but a bright slightly herby flavor in the meats.

Kombucha Vinaigrette - a live probiotic dressing

A probiotic for your salad! Based on Kombuhca  vinegar and olive oil with mild spices. Great for any type salad to add not only flavor but healthy probiotics.

 Cultured foods are SO important to a healthy diet.  In fact, think about it... a hundred years ago (before refrigeration) almost everything was fermented to store it. It's  the age old method of food preservation that increased the nutritional value of the food. We personally strive to bring as much variety in fermented foods as possible for our family, and now we are offering those same homemade products to you in convenient form.

Order yours today in the online store under "cultured foods"

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