Thursday, August 14, 2014

Introducing GAPS legal soup of the week subscriptions!

Its finally here! GAPS legal soups, in a convenient ready to eat packaging!

Here's how it works:

1) We start with meat stock made from our chicken, turkey, or lamb. We boil these to produce real homemade stock. Delicious natural, and healthy !

2) Then we add organically grown GAPS legal vegetables and boil to produce a nice cooked vegetable soup base.

3) Then we can this delicious vegetable soup into glass jars for shelf life.  It is ready to heat and serve!

but there's more!

4) We pre-cook a protein (pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, etc)  and then vacuum seal the proper amount into individual pouches and freeze! Each pouch is the perfect amount to add to one quart of soup for an instant heat and eat healthy fast food!

5) we will deliver to you both the soup base and the proteins, as a set, every two weeks, so you always have a fresh supply of a variety of soup bases and protein!

Whether you have special nutritional needs or just want a healthy quick meal, these soups are the answer! all organically grown, home cooked, completely soy free, preservative free, additive free. You simply cant find anything like this in the stores.

Need a healthy lunch to send with the kids to school? just warm up this soup in the morning, pack in a thermos, and send them off! GAPS legal lunches away from home!

We know.. we have been on the GAPS diet for over 2 years, and done "intro" twice.  There is a tremendous amount of work in making a steady stream of soup, required by this diet protocol.  Hours and hours in the kitchen constantly preparing the broths, soups, proteins, etc.  Now it comes in a jar ready to heat and eat!

Give it a try! you can order a subscription to save at least 10%, or order ala-cart to start.

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