Saturday, November 12, 2016

New Products coming!

As promised... we are announcing the addition of lots of new products by early next year. Not just food, but all sorts of things! all available through home delivery and shipping.

We have often been asked "what else do you do?" when talking about  our lifestyle changes that led to successful healing of so many health issues.  While food is the central item, there is much more to the story...

" the environment we live in is almost as important to health as what we put into our bodies "

We have decided to add all these other things to the mission of Little Sprouts, so you can easily add the same things to your life.

This includes but not limited to:

Household Cleaning products - laundry soaps, dish soaps, general cleaners
Personal care products - soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants
Cosmetics - chap sticks, lotions
Herbal health supplements
Nutritional supplements

the list goes on and on..

We will be offering the very same products that we have settled on for our own use, after years of research into "what really works and what is really healthful".  If we dont use it, we wont sell it! We appreciate the trust that you, our customer, has put into us for vetting these products. While we make NO GUARANTEES about any particular products, we are sharing and making available what has worked for us.

So keep an eye on this maillist, each month we hope to add a few more items as we get this rolling

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