Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Available Now: Dr Bonner's Castille Soaps!

Cleaning is something we do every day.. and it requires a variety of approaches and products. BUT, we have leanred through personal experience how devestating most commercial cleaners are on the human body. Constant exposure to harsh chemical based cleaners is significantly detrimental! So to fix our environment in order to promote health, we went on a search for nature's answers... and found Castile Soap!

Castile Soap is the purest liquid soap you can find, and Dr Bonner is known for producing the highest quality with a variety of pleasant aromas. They add no harsh chemicals or fragrances. Its just liquid soap as nature intended. Castile soap can be used for a wide variety of cleaning jobs. In fact, they promote this soap as an all-in-one cleaning solution. Its good for body and home alike as long as you dilute it.

We make bar soaps from our lard, but liquid soaps fill the needs where bar is just not convenient. so... Now you can order Castile soaps right here from Little Sprouts Farm and have them delivered for free to your door with your monthly order!

Browse over to the online store now and check out the scents and sizes we offer.. our own personal favorites after trying many of them.

Its time to clean up your home! No more harsh commercial cleaners necessary!

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