Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Available Now: Rising Tide Sea Vegetables!

Seaweed! That crunchy tasty treat that is literally packed with nutrition! We use seaweed treats as snacks for the children frequently.  It is one of hte things we changed in our own family journey to find health.

But which seaweed?

As usual, be careful sourcing anything from the sea. In this day, post nuclear reactor accidents, it is very important to make sure that the seaweeds you consume are tested pure and clean of any radioactivity, and contain no contamination from man's pollution or heavy metals.

Our answer to this dilemma is the local Firm, Rising Tide Sea Vegetables.

These local guys are the sea harvesting version of Little Sprouts Farm, going to great lengths to ensure sustainable practices, clean pure high quality product, and convenient packaging. They hand harvest and hand dry all their seaweed!

for more info, check out their FAQ WEBPAGE!

Now, you can order the most popular of their products, the ones that we serve our own children, through your monthly Little Sprouts Farm home delivery order! Just go to the online store and look under "Seaweed" to see the options!

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