Saturday, November 12, 2016

Announcing - Zum Clean Products!

Everyone does laundry!

Think about it... soap never washes out totally, not 100%, so there is always residue left in the very fabric of the clothes.. the clothes that then rubs on your skin all day (and all night if you wash your sheets!).  Since we absorb through our skin just as much as through the foods we eat, that is a VERY REAL CONCERN!

Take a look at the laundry soap you currently use... at the list of chemicals on the label.   We did and WOW, its scary! So we made the change. Brenda tried brand after brand. It wasnt easy.... our clothes are perhaps the dirtiest, smelliest possible every day due to our work on the farm. She needed something that actually WORKED as well as had no harsh or questionable chemicals.

We settled on Zum Clean brand of laundry soaps. !

IT WORKS, and has nothing that we deem too dangerous to use, to have against our skin from young to old.

These cleaners will be available in our online store for delivery in December, if all goes well.

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