Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Lower Prices !

We have finally received our first batch of products made through our new streamlined processing.  And you get tremendous savings!

Little Sprouts is now utilizing Mohawk Valley meats and Taylor Sausage to do the processing of all meat products. This has greatly streamlined the process ad lowered our cost for all processed products, which we pass along to you.

In addition, our  new approach (started in early 2016) of growing our own feed for animals has lowered our feed cost dramatically. the project is a success! that also lowers the finished product price to you while preserving a decent living income for the farm.

 For example, dinner sausages have dropped over 40%!

Please take a look at the new prices in the online store... you wont be disappointed.  Virtually all meat products have dropped in price significantly!

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