Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Product Overview

As promised, we have been working very hard to expand the value that we can bring to you, our loyal customer. 

Health starts with food, yes, no doubt there. But life is more than the foods we eat and liquids we drink. Life  includes the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, the products we put on our skin, EVERYTHING MATTERS. That is the lesson we learned. 

Many people have come to us, wanting to duplicate the healing we have enjoyed. Yet, often, their experience is different from what we testify to. One reason that can be, as we have learned, is to concentrate on only one part of life.  Just buying clean healthy meat is good, but not good enough. TO achieve the maximum health benefits of a healthy lifestyle, you must change everything into a healthy lifestyle! Nothing held back . That is the commitment we made to ourselves and it worked!

So now we wish to bring this to you.. in a convenient form. You could research, shop around, trial and error... as we did. Or you could just start where our experience has lead us.  We have already weeded through a myriad of products of varying qualities and sources to arrive at the short list we use now.  You do not have to start from scratch!

So far, we have managed to bring the following products, ready right now for your order!

  • Liquid Castile Soap from Dr Bonner's
  • Nordic Natural Fish Oils
  • Rising Tide Sea Vegetables
  • Zum Healthy Laundry Soap and surface cleaners

And more are coming! If all goes well we will soon make available:

  • A natural and healthy deoderant that WORKS without stickiness
  • More fish oil products
  • Clay based products for detox
  • A toothpaste that is incredibly effective and tasty without chemicals
 Our commitment to you is this.. we will only bring products that we make ourselves, or that we use ourselves. We do not want to by "just another retailer".. we are here to serve you by pre-testing and researching  whats out there that we cant make, and bring you products you can trust for a whole life healthy experience!

We invite you to start today, with some of these products.. delivered for free right to your door the first week of each month. Join us in a path to healthy life in all aspects... nothing held back, to achieve the utmost of a pleasant, productive, long life.

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