Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gift Certificates - Give the Gift of Health

Everyone knows someone that is struggling with health issues. In fact, it seems that today, all of us are struggling with health issues of some sort. Many of these health issues can be traced to a root cause in diet, nutrition, or environment.  the standard american diet, and the standard american home are both loaded with toxins and lack the basic things necessary for health.

Now, you can do something to help your neighbor, family member, or friend! 
Give the Gift of HEALTH.

For the first time, just in time for the holiday season, we are offering Little Sprouts Gift Certificates.

How do they work?

For the buyer (you):  Just go into the online store and look under the category for "gift certificate". Choose the value you wish to give, and as many as you desire to create a total value of gift.  ($50 plus $100 = $150 value).  This will become part of your order for the next delivery. On that delivery day, we will drop off the printed gift certificate with your monthly order. Then you simply send out as a gift from you.

For the Receiver (your gift recipient): They receive the gift certificate from you, and go into the membership system to create a new free member account.  After signing up they can contact us through to let us know the value of the certificate, and we will verify the code. Then we place that value on their new account as a credit.  They can order anything in the store with that value! From that point on, they will receive monthly emails about upcoming deliveries and can order anytime they wish. 

The gift certificates are good for local delivery as well as shipping! Dont forget your out of state friends! 99% of our products are now available for shipping across the USA.

This holiday, give a gift that lasts a lifetime, one that will touch lives in a positive way. 

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