Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little Sprouts Work Day Becomes a Huge Success

Yesterday was the first Little Sprouts Invitational Work Day. We got a lot done and everyone seemed to enjoy the day and the time together. Even though we limited participation to only 6 individuals yesterday, the small team actually accomplish just about everything that was on the agenda before day end!

We wish to express special thanks to the team:


The projects accomplished include:

Install fencing to divide the buck goat stalls
Install fencing to contain the ducks inside the orchard area
Gather, test, repair all the irrigation water hoses
Weed the emerging beet / sauerkraut garden
Install / repair the watering systems for the fruit trees and blueberries
Install a watering system in the main produce garden
Divide the pig pasture with electric fencing to allow plating of the pig garden
Install a automatic watering system in the baby bird brooder
Install additional lighting in the baby bird brooder
Clean the uninhabited bee hives and harvest propolis
Install gate fence post between the pastures
Cut down the grass growing under the electric pasture fence
Move the goats into new stalls for breeding

What a long list! but believe it or not, that is what we got done yesterday!

Here are some pics of our hard working team (pics courtesy of our photo man - hunter)

Daniel and Chris testing and repairing water hoses

Apple tirelessly weeding around the new sprouts

Cat attack?

Kimbra helping to work out he watering in the orchard

Lots of driving around!

Even Oliver had a good time!

The brooder was quite a challenge

Tom and Jeff working out how to build the watering system

Looking good!

Daniel installing sprinklers in the main garden

Chris getting the water hooked up

Daniel and Chris doing some fencing

Finishing the brooder

Even Kaelyn helping out

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  1. Yay! Glad it was a successful day! Nice pictures, Hunter. :-)