Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bees Everywhere! Its a Swarm!

This is a good year for bees! Today we had yet another swarm take off. Fortunately we were able to follow and catch it.  They settled on a high branch, one I was barely able to reach with the tallest step ladder. Hunter was right there at my side the whole time, in his bee suit also!

Here are some pics and videos of the process:

Can you see the swarm as it starts to collect in the branches? Look closely and you will see quite a few buzzing around.

Here is a closeup ... 

now you can see it better... almost all have landed

The collection bucket on top of the ladder. The branch was too thick to cut easily so i knocked the bees off into the bucket instead. On the second try the queen was in!
 And... we took some videos!

Now this is a swarm! Bees everywhere! You can even hear the buzzing of a thousand wings in the video

By here about half had settled on the branch. 

By now almost all have settled, about time to collect these guys up to go into their new home. 

Here they are looking for the queen, who is now in the bucket. It didn't take long for the rest to settle in the bucket to be with her.

At the end of today we now have 4 healthy populated hives running. only 2 more to fill to replace all the bees that left last year.  Amazing that we haven't had to go out to catch a wild swarm yet! (but we are ready if you see one!)

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