Friday, May 10, 2013

The 8 year old VS Dr Oz ? Where does wisdom lie?

This article is just too good to pass up. This young bundle of wisdom and common sense, Coral B, at 8 years old, is on a mission. To confront the popular Dr Oz for positions and statements he recently made concerning our food supply and health in general. If this were an adult, it would be filled with merit, but the fact that a little 8 year old girl is heart warming.

The only point I;d like to add to the article is this... this is important. Dr Oz is highly respected by a good part of our population. I personally know of people who follow Dr Oz just as "religiously" as other would follow Dr Mercola or Sally Fallon. If Dr Oz says it.. it must be true! For him to make these statements, which ARE in fact discrediting to the entire local, sustainable, humane and organic food movements, is a crushing blow to the validity of all we hold dear about nutrition and humanity within food production.

I anxiously await a new story coming soon where Dr Oz is forced to answer Coral's challenges.

Read the article here:

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