Sunday, May 5, 2013

How many eggs do you eat per day?

When we say in conversation with farm visitors that we eat a lot of eggs, everyone interprets "a lot" differently. What is a lot to the salch family? Well, truth be told... we consume from 2 to 4 dozen eggs per day, every day.  That's 14 to 28 dozen per week. And no, we do not bake (wheat free). Thats for 2 adults and 4 children ages 10 to 2.

Some examples for an average day:

  • Soft fried or scrambled eggs for breakfast, often double yolks (an extra yolk for every egg)
  • Raw egg yolk in broth at every meal
  • Raw egg yolk in salad dressings
  • Raw egg yolk in raw milk for eggnog
  • raw egg yolk in smoothies
  • Sometimes eggs for dinner

It quickly adds up! The health benefits are enormous. The egg yolk from properly raised, bred, and fed chickens and ducks is just about a perfect food, a powerhouse of nutrition. There is more benefit in a raw egg yolk than most other foods. Do some googling and you will be amazed at what all is in natures little nutrition packages inside that shell.

As you can see we definitely concentrate on yolks, and raw . That is where nutrition is. Egg whites are fine, but mostly just good protein. Raw yolks are full of most everything our bodies need to grow, heal, and maintain. Once cooked stiff, yolks loose a lot of their magical power.

This is one reason we prefer small eggs. The yolk on eggs does not change much with exterior size, just the amount of white. Since we toss the whites about half the time, it just makes more sense to use small eggs. Same nutrition, less waste. (Actually on a far there is NO waste.. everything gets eaten by someone!)
So... there you have it. We eat close to a dozen eggs per day per adult, every day. And.... we have never been healthier!

Disclaimer.... do NOT consume eggs from the store in these quantities... it can be deadly. Because of how store eggs are produced, they are a health negative potentially producing allergies, and all sorts of health problems including cancer and heart disease. ONLY consume eggs that are soy free, truly pastured, heritage breed chickens.

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  1. It's a shame to throw away the whites, but I'm not sure what to do with them. We give one egg white every other day to our dog, but I've read that dogs have the same problem with biotin interference that humans have. I wonder about other animals...