Friday, May 10, 2013

Closeup of a Real Bee Swarm

Today, the bees got angry with me.  If you recall from the post yesterday... one of our hives swarmed and we caught it to keep it in a new hive.  Well, while I had the bee suit on, I figured it was a good time to check on the last swarm we caught.

It was too late. They had already created comb  and started filling it with precious honey... BUT I had never removed the branch they swarmed on. (I like ot catch them by cutting off the branch they are resting on and placing the whole thing in the new hive. Less trauma and injury to the bees). The comb they created was an interesting piece of artwork around and in between the branch forks.  Not at all a situation that allows for collection of honey later.  So.. I removed the branch and in the process destroyed their honeycomb.

Well, today they decided enough was enough and.. they tried to leave! Hunter found then landing on the same shrub that the swarm yesterday used.  So we collected them back up and this time put them in the hive without the branch.

Here is a nice closeup of the swarm and a video also.

What an incredible sight....

Be sure to turn up the sound for the full effect!
Unfortunately the video quality after uploading leaves a lot to be desired... 

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