Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bacon experiment continues

We are finally arriving at a truly no nitrate bacon that is delicious. This is our third round testing recipes and process (both are equally important in bacon) and we now have homemade heritage naturally cured bacon that disappears with everyone looking for more!

I will post details as we settle on our recipes. The basics are:
Cure for a week in salt and some sugar or honey
Soak for an hour in water
Dry for one to two days in the fridge
Smoke for 6 to 9 hours
Slice thin
Sprimkle with extra flavor

This tray today is half mustard and cinnamon, half extra black pepper.
Bacon, the way it was meant to be... healthy enough to eat all you want without worry, and tasty enough to make you want to!


  1. Dave & Brenda -- Have you tried any with stevia instead of a sugar?

  2. We have not tried stevia yet. We have some, but in other things I have been disappointed in the flavor. maybe i'm not using it right.

    We tried no sugar cures, but without some sweetness it was just too salty to enjoy. the sweetness really tones down the saltiness. More experimenting due!

  3. The mustard here was a nice flavor, but not strong enough to offset the saltiness by itself. This recipe needs some added sweetener to be a winner.