Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Little Sprouts Work Day!

Tomorrow marks another first for Little Sprouts. We have decided to host our first ever official work day. We get asked frequently if there is opportunity for customers and such to come out and work on the farm from time to time.  The answer to date is.. there is always plenty to do! BUT.. as always... we have to consider the legality of everything we do.

So.. we are beginning to host "work days" where you can come and be a farm hand for a day, for pay.  We offer minimum wage, for a variety of tasks. Some require experience and some are just plain hard manual labor. Each work day will have a different list of projects depending on season and situation.  The days will take place regardless of weather ( as true farm work does).

You can expect a day full of hard work, tight schedules, constantly changing priorities, and unexpected challenges,  requiring flexibility, and a deep desire to be productive and be part of the food creation business. Here's a quick list of some possibilities:

planting, weeding, watering
scraping animal stalls
animal care
rough carpentry
general labor (digging, scraping, carrying, etc)
repairing of.. anything

If you'd like to experience farm work, play farmer for a day, or just help out when we are behind, then sign up for a Little Sprouts Work day and join the fun! (yes, we actually consider this stuff fun!)

The first one is this wednesday, May 1.

Stay tuned for pictures!

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