Thursday, May 23, 2013

Turkey eggs and poults available now

We are pleased to announce that Little Sprouts Farm is now reselling our own third and fourth generation Narragansett turkey as poults or eggs for hatching.  We have often been asked to provide these, and finally have enough production where it makes sense.

The eggs are fertilized and fresh, and should present a 70 to 90 percent hatch rate.

The poults are within a week old (we will schedule the timing if none are available).

Our birds were originally purchased from a reputable hatchery 4 years ago, and we have raised one generation per year without repurchasing. the benefit to this is that our birds are genetically predisposed to be hardy in the southern oregon weather conditions. Each generation has shown  deeper hardiness than the one before.  these birds have been raised through generations of open pasture, foraging  supplemented with soy free and certified non-gmo feed.

Narragansett are the largest of the heritage breeds, and we think the tastiest. They are great natural foragers and have a very calm disposition. You can expect them to take 6 to 9 months to reach market weight, and then provide a very flavorful and healthy heritage meat with equal balance of light and dark meat.

If you wish to raise your own turkeys for Thanksgiving or Christmas  or just for year round fun ... we encourage you to try our birds.  We can provide advice on housing, raising, and processing also.

You can find details in our online store:

Information about the breed:

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