Saturday, March 2, 2013

update on births

The ups and downs of farm life...

The sheep are now up to 14 lambs again. There have been some ups and downs this year. One lamb got stuck in a fence and didn't make it, another seems to have somehow wandered off and got lost. A few more were born. As of last night we are back at 14 lambs. the one that could bond with its mom was successful though. Before we gave it to a new home the little guy made peace with the mom and is doing fine.

It was amazing and touching how many people responded to that lambs plight.... within hour of posting a notice here and on craigslist for a new home, we had literally dozens of calls. People willing to take the little ram in and raise him. Its so refreshing to see such kindness!

The goats have continued birthing. At the moment I lost count of babies born! Somewhere over a dozen. Most are perfectly fine, although we lost one out of a litter of 5 and one out of 4. The saddest news is one of the young first time moms didn't make it. A week after birth she mysteriously passed away with no warning. now we are raising her daughter, an orphan. We do not yet know the cause.

So ups and down.... ironically birth is the most dangerous aspect of life, accounting for most of the deaths on a farm. The irony of nature.

But at the end of the day, life abounds. Lambs and goat kids bouncing around happily as a new generation begins its journey in this world. Its inspiring to see the new life, the excitement, the circle of life continueing.

We invite you to come out for a visit, now is one of the best times of the year!

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