Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Incubators warmed and running!

Two incubators up and running. The left is about 3/4 full of turkey eggs, the right hold the starts of our next chicken flock.  That's about 70 turkeys and 140 chickens.  There will be a few more rounds of each, before the season is done and another incubator in on the way to add to the mix.

As you can see we use the brisnea incubators. These have done well for us with precise temp control, ventilation, humidity control and turning. We decided to go with multiple small ones instead of less larger ones, for redundancy. Things always break and we didn't want time "put all of our eggs in one incubator". We need about two more but these guys aren't cheap so we just add one every year. By summer we will hatch close to a thousand birds.

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