Sunday, March 3, 2013

How does one build four nesting boxes in a hurray?

Simple... take over the living room and make it a family affair!

Thats what we did. Our new "amish design" rollaway nesting boxes came in this last week and we decided just to dig in one evening and do them all at once! Hunter had his own (except for moments of holding Oliver when he cried). Levi helped the mystery man in the pics and Katelyn floated between the mystery man and mystery woman. I had one myself so I could figure out how they went together and provide a lead to follow. Even little Everett got in on the act with a screwdriver.

Just let me say... this was NOT easy! These things are made from good quality sheet metal, but no pieces marked. The instructions consist of a single sheet of paper with a hand drawing with an exploded view. Quite the puzzle!

But in the end, we are very happy! These nesting boxes are well made and should last forever! They keep the eggs clean and safe from predators, and are light enough to go in our self moving hoop coops.

Who are these mystery two? Well..... stay tuned! exciting announcements coming!

Almost done! Wall to Wall parts!

Hunter had to lay on the ground to get these screws in. Everett was actually a helper!

For the curious, these nesting boxes came from Cottage Craft Works and I highly recommend them!

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