Friday, March 15, 2013

Nighttime visitor

We have had a nighttime visitor for the last two nights. A very determined if somewhat incapable visitor. He has twice torn open a coop, but failed to capture a single meal from inside.
Our best guess is a juvenile lion (cougar). Perhaps one a bit inexperienced in hunting. The first morning we found a coop with roosters attacked, door half torn and pulled off its hinges. The door is 1/4 inch plywood. No damage to the chicken wire across the front. The roosters were let out but all accounted for and no feathers found.
Sedond night he returned, broke the door in half, pulled the hinges out completely, and broke the 2x4 that held the hinges. No damage to the wire and no roosters lost. There's is but one little pile of maybe 8 feathers.
So we decided to work with the county trapper to set a large live trap. Quite large, big enough to walk in. Whatever this is will likely return as it is hungry and repetitive. As the sun dawn we will head out to see if this was successful.
Cougar? Bear? We will soon see....

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