Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lamb and Mutton for Sale!

We now have both Lamb and Mutton for sale from our heritage "jacob" sheep!  Jacob are a hearty sheep yielding small portions of tender mild meat, more mild than commonly used commercial breeds. There is limited availability this year, so hurry and reserve yours today!

The lamb will yield about 30 to 40 lbs of meat, and will be available late summer, early fall.  They are all under a year old. 

The mutton available is our male sheep from last year. Their meat will be noticeably stronger in flavor. and are between 1 and 2 years old. These are available now. 

The price is for the meat is paid directly to the farm, and there is an additional fee of about $100 for the kill, cut and wrap by the butcher. This is paid directly. You of course also have the option of picking one up live if you prefer. 

To order lamb or mutton just visit our online store  and look under "meats".

I will say by way of biased testimonial, these lambs yield the mildest tenderest meat I have ever tasted. Head and shoulder in taste above the other commercial breeds. IF you have avoided this biblically popular meat due to the strong flavor of most lamb, please consider giving this a try. You will likely be pleasantly surprised at this other red meat.

Here is a little cost comparison I found to help you compare the cost of buying a whole lamb to purchasing cuts in the store. Please keep in mind that our heritage lambs are roughly half this size!

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