Sunday, March 3, 2013

Boys will be boys... even sheep ones

We put the old ram in the pasture with the other sheep finally. You may remember he was reluctant to go when we moved them next door a few weeks ago and we ran out of daylight. With a few extra hands we convinced him to rejoin his herd. Trouble is... the younger ram had already assumed leadership! So.... what do you think these two boys did but get right to working out their differences.

First, you get the usual "I'm stronger than you" challenge. 

This is then followed by a mutual acceptance for the winner.

What you didn't see here was really funny! 

Right after I put the camera down, the looser (the younger ram and darker color ram)  decided to take a "sucker punch". He watched the older ram walk away victorious for a few seconds, and then proceeded to ram him in the behind! Knocked him forward a couple feet!  The winner just took it in stride as the looser's way of saving face, and ignored it. Fortunately they seem to be best of friends now. 

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