Saturday, March 30, 2013

Local gmo climate exposed

The best made plans sometimes fail. Such did our winter buying of alfalfa. We attempted to purchase enough alfalfa to carry us through to spring cutting. Unfortunately... We feel short and ran out this week. So.. The scramble starts to find non gmo organic or semi organic alfalfa for the goats and sheep.

Good news is we found some... Almost 3 hours drive away.

During this search, we ran into every imaginable response from local growers. Most, severely disappointing. I'd like to share some.

first let me say that every conversation, without exception, started or with the grower rattling of the list of what they perceive to be important. Things like "looks good", "no weeds", "second cutting", "stored well", etc. then the question start.

Q. Is it organic?
A. Nope

Q. Is it gmo?
A. What's gmo mean?

Q. Where did the seeds come from?
A. I dunno

Q. Is it sprayed with poisons?
A. Of course, it looks real good

Q. Is it organic?
A. No
Q. Is it gmo?
A. You know that organic can be gmo now?
Q. Yes, is yours?
A. I don't know.
Q. Where did you get the seeds?
A. Some place out of state, but this looks real good.

Q. Any organic left?
A. Of choose not, that all sells out in the fall.
Q. Why not plant more?
A. Can't make money with organic
Q. Do you know any one that has any left?
A. No, I get asked that a lot.
Q. Gonna plant more this year?
A. No

So, the organic crop is sold out by end of treat, at higher prices than conventional, people searching for more all winter at even higher prices, yet he would rather just plant conventional which is still sitting in storage unsold at lower prices, hoping he can unload it before this years crop.

But he can't make money on organic?

And on it goes...

Most growers actually were noticeably unhappy, almost insulted by the question of "is it gmo".  On conversation ended with

"if you want not sprayed, put an add in the paper looking for the dirtiest weedy alfalfa possible and maybe you'll find some worthless stuff to buy."


But... We found a grower, 3 hours away, that offered pleasantly all the information, even called the owner to determine the source of seeds. It is never sprayed with poisons, no chemical fertilizer applied, and the source checks out to be non gmo! They are considering going official organic soon. Woohoo!

It's a long drive, but if we purchase an entire semi load at a time, the price is good. So we will have plenty soon, perhaps even some to sell!

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