Friday, December 11, 2015

Successful results from weed burning!

The winter sprouts are up, and thereby our results from the weed burning test.


 Yep.. the rows that were burned right before planting are nearly weed free compared to the rows without heat treatment. Here is a pic:

Look carefully at the area in the middle of the pic. That is where the new section starts.  These "rows" are about a foot wide, and only a few inches apart. As you gaze down the row you can see the difference between "burned" and "not burned". Even in the middle where a large patch of weeds erupted  in between, the rows are virtually weed free!

As you follow along to the right, you see where we started moving "faster" to test how much heat is required, and it starts to fail at about the 5th row.  Now we have an idea for speed and distance.

The next test, in the spring, will be to lower the burner down to just over the dirt, and then mount a battery powered wench to pull the wagon down the rows at an even pace without manpower. (assuming I can devise a way to house a 100yard cable on a winch...)

Exciting! This is a totally chemical free, almost labor free weed control program.  and it's built out of a propane heater, a wagon, and a propane cylinder.

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