Sunday, December 27, 2015

End of the year... closing 2015 and opening 2016

Another year has passed already? wow how time flies!

We have been busy with year end concerns, not to mention dealing with the wet cold weather that blew in hard and fast. Year end is our time to evaluate how the year went, what changes will be needed in the next year, and spending time on all those things that got skipped during the busy months.

If you have a chance, we invite you to stop by and see the new "farm store"... which is really just a storage and work area. We have re-arranged and tidied up a bit to make things more comfortable for visitors. Nothing fancy, just improved arrangement.  One thing you will notice is that now all the Scratch and Peck feed is in the farm store, not the garage. Hopefully we can keep the bags cleaner and safer from mice during the winter months this way. It is also more convenient for those who stop by to pick up a bag between deliveries.

We are also modifying how to inventory scratch and peck. For hte last 2 years we used a traditional retail model of "order big less frequently". But that puts us at risk for damage to bags from a variety of sources. For 2016 we are switching to "order less more frequently" or "just in time ordering". If all goes well our cost will remain the same but the risk of damage and loss goes down dramatically.  Please bear with us over the next couple months as we get this figured out.

The best news? Now is the time to start restocking products that have sold down or out.  Things like soaps, lard, bacon, soups, broths, cheese, etc. They will all be appearing in the online store and on our stock shelves over the next 30 days. By February we should be fully stocked with all winter foods.

We also have some exciting new flavors for cheese and sausages coming soon.

Very excited to announce our shipping service... as of January 1st 2016 we are offering Little Sprouts Farm membership nationwide! There will be regular bi weekly or monthly shipping to the continental US for many of our products. We have worked out very good rates on shipping that makes this possible at affordable costs. If you have any friends or relatives across the nation, please mention to them our offering and invite them to check out our website.

We plan on bringing turkeys back for 2016.. after a long 2 year absence!  Stay tuned!

Also,  our famous chicken eggs are due back in spring!!!... plus stewing hens and heritage meat chickens. We have settled on a yearly plan that creates eggs and meat on a regular basis with our new breed of cross purpose heritage chicken.

So much going on.. and so many new things coming! We are excited and looking forward to 2016!

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