Thursday, December 17, 2015

NEWSFLASH --- NonGMO Is Still Toxic!

I am troubled by the need to post this... And I suspect this will become the first of a series of posts on this particular topic.

Before I go further, let me assure you, I believe in the non-gmo movement. GMO crops must be stopped before its too late.  Please do not interpret anything here as being pro-GMO.

Now that said...

Simply put... Non-GMO food and feed (food for humans, feed for animals) is just as toxic today as it was 5 years ago.  nothing has changed... except the public perception.  Before the non-gmo movement, we called it "conventional" and it carried a huge negative connotation.  Today we call it "Non-GMO" and it is perceived as .... fine.

To be clear.. here are the options for both food and feed:

Beyond organic - Real Food - Highest Quality - high in nutrients without toxins
Organic - Ok Food - Medium quality - low in nutrients but without toxins
Conventional - Bad Food - low in quality - devoid of nutrients and high in toxins
GMO - Horrible Food - lowest quality - devoid of nutrients while highest in toxins and potential damages from genetic changes

What today is called "non-gmo" is usually conventional... the deadly stuff.  The stuff that has caused the health crises in america and around the world.  The stuff that causes cancer, development problems, etc. The stuff that carries enough poisons to be detectable in the blood of consumers, even in the blood passing to unborn babies in the womb. the food that carries enough toxins to be found in the urine of young  developing children who consume it.

Here's the problem... and in this i now refer to the "feed" market, meaniong what is fed to animals, not people. With all the hype about non-GMO, something has changed... and that something is the perception of conventional. What was just a few years ago considered a "posion" is now the most sought after feed. The demand for organic feed has decreased while the demand for non-gmo conventional feed has increased substantially.  Read that again... the demand for poisonous feed has increased dramatically!  Here in Rogue valley, the heart of the non-gmo movement... Organic feeds are disappearing. Organic hay and straw is hard to find, harder than ever.  Organic whole grains are virtually non-existent.  It has all been replaced by non-gmo certified feed. And people are OK with that!

Let me state this simply... The collateral damage from the non-gmo movement is... people are now ok with conventional non-gmo feed.  And not just "ok" , they feel GOOD about it!  What was considered a poison a few years ago, is now considered not only acceptable, but better than "average"... whatever that is.

Here's an exercise... call around to for simple product.. say goat milk. Ask the farmers.. What hay or alfalfa do they use? What grains? What straw for bedding?  Virtually all will say "non-gmo!" meaning.. "we use the poisonous but not genetically altered stuff".  I know this locally because it is virtually impossible to find truly organic hay, alfalfa, and straw in this valley.

I fear that we have wont he battle, and are loosing the war. By shifting the battle from "organic vs conventional" to "non-gmo vs gmo"   we have shifted the front lines in a major retreat. to prevent an ever greater evil (gmos) we have conceded the battle of organic vs conventional.  the enemy (conventional agriculture) took two steps forward, then one back... and we celebrate.

Lets get one thing straight... Nongmo food or feed is poison... its a slow but deliberate toxin delivery mechanism. We are not improving anything by feeding non-gmo. nothing.  in fact, a non-gmo label is  simply relabeling the same conventional product that was shown to cause cancer a few years ago. Nothing has changed except that people feel good about buying and using this poison today because "at least its not gmo".

I realize that this might cause a raised eyebrow or two, but it must be said, and discussed. WE need a strategy. We must correct this now worse evil caused by the non-gmo success, or our children will suffer an even greater price than what we fight to prevent.

Enough said for now.. I'll post more here as time permits and ideas emerge.

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  1. Right on. What was toxic 20 years ago is still toxic, and putting a non-gmo label on it changes nothing.